Friday, April 1, 2011

Rojak Mee satu!

I just have so much to say these few days.
The juice keeps coming; I just have to squeeze 'em all out. Tak baik membazir.

Had some sisterly time with my sister this evening. Initially I wanted to satisfy my 'Rojak Mee' craving. Read Auntie Nani's blog, and drooled right away. Of course I opted for mamak to cook for me, Auntie Nani is just one amazing woman who makes 'Rojak Mee' on her own. Those maternal instincts, I shall get them once I am married with kids (meaning before kids come to the picture, hubby would dine out on most nights muahaha). For the time being, I shall enjoy having 'mamak' as my personal chef.

Did I mention I had 'Rojak Mee'? Oh yea I did.

I just couldn't tahan looking at those tandoori chickens hanging in whatever-glass-thing-they-call-it, I had to order one. 

I didn't realize how much I missed 'proper' mamak food. I have mamak food for lunch almost everyday, but sad thing is, they serve the same dish EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not fun! Plus, they don't have my-favorite-part ayam goreng. You know, I'm a little bit picky about chicken parts; I only eat chicken breast.  I was the President of Ayam Dada Society back in Rochester; members were me and Jiji, and whoever else. Digressed, big time! So yeah, it was a good decision to treat myself with real mamak experience. 

So my sister and I got into serious conversation about work-related stuff, which I thought of putting here, but now its 12.15 am and I am supposed to hit the sack. Later ya!