Tuesday, October 6, 2015


It has been almost three years since I last blog in here. First I got busy, then I got lazy. But after submission of my PhD thesis three weeks ago, I started to think it's about time for the rebirth of this blog. I miss sharing just about everything under the sun (though I have to say it feels kinda awkward reading my older posts). Also when I got back from my Europe trip, I got the calling. H and I learned so many new things during the trip that we thought could benefit other people. So in days to come I might blog about that.

So what happened in these three years that I was MIA?

1. Got married in April 2013 (my last post was March 2013)
2. Ventured into online business. 
3. Found a new life passion
4. Traveled the world
5. Had two miscarriages
6. Submitted my PhD thesis (almost at the finishing line now. #prayfordla)

And everything in between.

Happy to be blogging again!