Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What happened to 'What's cookin'?'

Entah lah labu, acik pun tak tahu.
Masa mula-mula buat 'What's cookin?' tu semangat bukan main. Siap amik gambar setiap step tu, pastu trus post. Sekarang gambar step-by-step kemana, recipe ke mana, tinggal gambar final product je. Tu pun masuk Facebook instead of post kat sini. Admittedly, blogging has seen better days. Dengan kewujudan telefon pintar dan kebanjiran 'apps' yang macam-macam rupa, maka 'habis madu sepah dibuang'. Walaupun wujud 'Blogger app' dan seangkatan dengannya, still tak menyelesaikan masalah sebabnya blogging kena bubuh words, walhal *aiceh* kalau guna Mobile Uploads atau Instagram mahupun Twitter hanya perlu upload gambar lalu terus berpegang pada prinsip 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. Blogging pun tak sampai 1000 words kadang-kadang. Maka jelaslah bahawa saya malas update blog.

Di kesempatan ini nak mengucapkan *macam nak raya daa* yang semua gambar-gambar makanan yang di upload di merata-rata tu bukanlah semuanya air tangan ku. Rezeki Allah bagi housemates yang pandai and suka masak *penting nak sebut dua-dua sebab ada orang pandai masak tapi malas, walaupun ini jarang* dan yang paling penting suka makan jugak. Sebabnya kalau kita masak beria-ria sekali diri sendiri makan semua balik gila down seh. Macam tak dihargai lol.

Kenapa upload gambar makanan? Lelaki suka complain perempuan suka sangat amik gambar makanan. Saja lah suka-suka. Amboi korang orang upload gambar depan cermin kata vain, upload gambar makanan mengata benda lain pulak. Janji tak keluar ayat geli 'Arini Ayang masak chicken chop  ilebiyu untuk Abang' sudaaaaaaah.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bell is ringing.

15 years ago, the only bells that mattered to us were one that marked the end of school session, and one coming from the ice cream vendor waiting just outside the school gate. We were running towards the second bell after hearing the first one. We got our favorite ice-cream and our mouths felt cold. Even if we didn't like the flavor we chose, we could always get home and ask Dad for a new one.

Today as I sat on my bed on a hot summer day, and heard the bell from an ice cream vendor driving around the neighborhood, I smiled. Gone are the days where we would run towards that bell. 

One that matters to us now is the imaginary bell, at least to us Muslim. As much as we want to run towards it, something huge is holding us back. The bell comes with responsibility. We get a different kind of cold this time- cold feet. And if we chose a wrong flavor, Dad is no help. All there is to do is to pray may Allah shows us the right way.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Back in the mood :)

So few updates from my last post:

1. Supervisor agreed to let me go home in August! And and I already bought the tickets!! Yay me! That's ermmm 3 months from now. It's gonna be a roller coaster ride for me for these 3 months-first year review and report to be submitted by June 1, first year viva probably in middle of June, mice immunisation sometime end of June (big experiment!) and a whole lot of little experiments in between. It's gonna be crazy but it's okay, come August I'm gonna have total relaxation, not even gonna think about work during my one-month holiday. Looking forward to go home, insyALLAH if dipanjangkan umur, something is going to happen this coming Raya :)

2. Reached another milestone in my PhD journey: gave my first departmental seminar last Tuesday. Alhamdulillah it went well :) My future internal examiner gave a good comment; actually I secretly dedicated this presentation to him so that when he assess me for my viva later, he's gonna be easy on me because he's seen it all. Basically what I presented is going to be in my report, so technically he could have assessed me then. The presentation gave me some confidence boost, now I feel like taking it to the next level:to give a presentation at an external conference.

3. It's good that we get about 15 hours of sunshine now. Syuruk is about 5 and Maghrib is almost 9. I don't feel the urge to go home sharp 5 now like last Winter. Pukul 4 dah gelap, hati pun bergelora je nak balik. Nowadays I stay back till about 7, qada time balik awal mase Winter dulu heh. But it's also gonna be my first time to fast for loooong hours this coming July. Dulu kat US ada chance nak try but every summer balik Malaysia, memang tak merasa lah. Bunyi macam lama gila kena puasa but Allah will certainly make it easy for us here :)

That's all folks.

Akhir kata, terimalah gambar Western blot ku yang jadi tak jadi ni. LOL