Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best Steamboat ever!

I grew up eating steamboat. The whole family is just a big fan of it. We used to have a steamboat set at home...until one day, the brilliant me found this one place.



Johnny's Restaurant!

I first read about it in Remaja magazine when I was in high school. Like it was just fated, Johnny's opened its outlet in Jusco Ipoh right after. So off we went. Since then, bye-bye steamboat at home, hi steamboat at Johnny's. It's the family favorite until now. Every time we gather (we used to live in three different continents at one point of time), there's no question about where to go eat.

Yeah we tried other places occasionally; the all-you-can-eat steamboat for RM25++  i.e Flaming Steamboat in Subang and Setapak, Red Wok in Bangi. But we keep on coming back to Johnny's. It's the battle of 'quality' versus 'quantity'. *Seoul Garden Korean BBQ is different. Will blog about it once I give it a visit later*

At Johnny's, they already pick what you'll get for Set A,B,C. Extra RM10 for Tom Yam soup. Fine. But it's the Tom Yam soup that keep us coming back. Tempat lain, naaaah biasa-biasa je - cair, tasteless, not spicy enough, too spicy.  

We took Set B RM 29.90 (10 items)

And Johnny's dip sauce is too die for! 

Other places, they serve 10 if not 20 different sauces (sambal belacan, thai sauce, blend chilli sauce, yong tau foo sauce, black pepper sauce etc) Not a single one stands out! You have to mix different sauces to get a decent taste. 

Johnny's dip sauce has secret ingredients, that Mama has tried to decipher for years. We thought, if Mama could make a similar sauce, then there's no need to 'kayakan' Johnny's owner anymore. But it's just so hard to 'tiru' so we gave up. Fine Johnny's owner, you are five thousand richer because of us.

Thai BBQ Beef Noodle. Yumm-eh.

Just looking at this makes me hungry. What's for breakfast yo?

The aftermath.

Bye now! Gotta go find something to eat. Tummy is crying.