Thursday, August 9, 2012

In a week or so

Planning for something big from far away can be quite stressful. Indeed it is VERY stressful! Especially when you have no control whatsoever over it, and all you could do is to depend on your best friends to make decisions for you and hoping that internet connection won't go cranky on both ends because Whatsapp and Skype now become your new BFFs. And of course, pray that Allah makes it easy for everyone involved and for all things to run smoothly.

But all the stress aside, it's actually still fun. Everything is done through e-mails or Facebook messages and replies go through while waiting for the bus, or while waiting for the doctor's appointment (like right now). And to see everything gets 'confirmed' one by one, sure bring smile to this face :)

A few things still need to be attend to. Well a lot actually. I can't wait to go home to finish what my family and friends started and wait for the day where I just have to sit and be pretty (luls).

Oh and after that, it will all start again :) Looking forward to meeting all the people I spoke to via e-mails :)

Miracle happens.

Looking back, it's almost miraculous that it happened.
I'm glad I followed my gut feelings and 'go against the flow'.
Thank you Allah for answering my prayer.
I couldn't be happier :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Every year, each PhD student will get to mentor two sets of students, 3rd year medicine students (Nov-Jan) and Masters students (March-August). They come to the lab to do a mini research project as part of  their respective degrees. So we, the PhD students are called 'bench supervisors' as our responsibility includes training them for certain laboratory skills they need to complete their mini project. They are attached to us based on the similarity of both our projects. And sometimes we get to steal their results too because it's so relevant to us! Haha. But of course, we would acknowledge each other :P

Since I just started in October and in no doubt I myself needed some training at that time, I didn't get to mentor the medicine students. I started mentoring a Masters student last March and yesterday was her last day. There were times that I felt the 'urgghhhss' and 'arrghhss' but overall, I am thankful I got one good student, not to mention she's pretty too luls. Gay much. She gave a box of Cadbury Roses and wrote me a lovely but funny note. In our many conversations I mentioned to her about me having to go back home after I finish PhD to teach, and told her how lousy of a teacher I can be. But in her note she said 'You're a brilliant teacher and I've no doubt you'll go far'. Awww that breaks my heart. But really this whole mentoring thing is a good training for my future teaching years in USM. Once, we talked about her future plan and she said she had none she thought of sweeping Tesco's floor. LOL. Since I am going to steal some of her results, she reminded me not to forget to mention her in my future paper (InshaAllah) while she's working in Tesco ;) Oh not to forget, because of her now I know the existence of Channel Islands called Guernsey and Sark because she's from there. 

Au revoir, Jade!