Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadhan Mubarak!

Alhamdulillah, another year has passed.
And now we meet again.

I had the opportunity to experience 4 days of Ramadhan in the Holy Makkah last year.
It was an unforgettable experience, and I would love to repeat it again and again, InsyALLAH.

What I love about fasting in Makkah was the free food.
Yes, free food.
On the first day of Ramadhan, as we were walking back to our hotel room after Asr prayer, we saw a bunch of people gathering around a car. As we got closer, we saw one man distributing packed food to the crowd.
Excited by the whole scene, we joined the crowd and reached to the man for the food.
If this were to happen in Malaysia, we must be thinking, 'Oh, it's the rich man giving out free food to the poor'.
But no, in Makkah, everyone gives out, and everyone takes in.

The packed food we got on the first day. If I remember correctly, there were bun, dates, air kotak, and biscuit. Then we filled our bottles with the free flow of air zam zam in the Masjidilharam.


When people came to the mosque for Maghrib, normally people would just stay from Maghrib up till the end of Tarawikh. You know, Makkah draws about 2-3 million Muslims from around the world during Ramadhan. So if you go out of the mosque to break fast after Maghrib prayer, chances are, you are going to end up praying outside the mosque, on the marble floor. So we decided that we are just going to stay till the end of Tarawikh. Which means, we were going to properly break our fast at 11 pm. 

Guess what we survived on? Lots of dates, and lots of air zam zam.
And there were no cases of 'perut berkeroncong' and whatnot. 
At first I doubted it when Mama said that we were going to be fine just with dates and air zam zam.
But I was wrong.
Memang kenyang.

See the amount of dates that we 'collected' that day?
Yes, those dates were given by complete strangers.

I remember we were also given a kind of Arabic bread, and we ate it with cream cheese.
Those generous people, may Allah bless all of you.

And we thought it was only food.
But no, after Maghrib prayer, while we ate our dates and waited for Isya' prayer, a girl came to my mom and guess what?

She gave my mom 5 riyal. 
We were stunned by the whole scene, like, why would she gave my mom money?
Then we came to a conclusion that, it's just the act of giving.
It's the Holy Ramadhan, and 'orang berlumba-lumba untuk buat kebaikan'.

Ya Allah, how I miss to be in Makkah again.
I just have so many things to tell people about the whole experience.
InsyaALLAH, sama-sama kita doakan semoga kita semua dapat ke sana suatu hari nanti.
I was really fortunate, it was my graduation gift I'll never forget.

Ramadhan Mubarak.
Let's be thankful that Allah allows us to experience yet another Ramadhan.
Let's not sia-siakan peluang ini, shall we?

p/s: I was not a fan of dates before my trip to Makkah. Nak makan satu time berbuka pun bukan main susah. Alhamdulillah, when I was there, almost everyday makan dates, and I'm loving it now. Especially kurma nabi aka kurma ajwa.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Satu perbualan telah berlaku di antara dua strangers. Kedua-duanya sedang mengikuti kursus. Si penulis memang memakai topi 'skema' sepanjang kursus kerana perangai sebenar tidak boleh ditunjukkan atas sebab-sebab tertentu.

Sewaktu minum pagi, di atas meja makan..

Kakak sebelah: Nama siapa?

Penulis: Adilah. Akak? School mana?

Kakak sebelah: ****. *school apatah tak ingat, pergigian termaju ke ape tah* Awak school mana?

Penulis: School Bio *Penulis sudah mula belajar gaya-gaya cakap budak USM*

Kakak sebelah: Oh, dulu degree dekat USM ke? Ni nak sambung Master ke PhD?

Penulis: Oh tak, saya dulu degree kat US. Nanti nak sambung PhD.

Kakak sebelah: Oh, awak la yang...

Penulis: *menyengih* Ye, saya lah tu. *ya, tanpa disedari penulis agak famous di kursus itu kerana nama di point hari pertama, talk yang pertama -___-*

Motif entry ni baru nak masuk ni. Atas tu baru mukadimah.

Kakak sebelah: Oh, saya ada sedara belajar dekat US jugak. Tapi taktahu pulak uni mana.

Penulis: Oh yeke? Nama apa? Kot-kot la kenal.

Kakak sebelah: Fauzana.

Penulis: Ha?? Fauzana apa? *sambil memegang tangan Kakak sebelah, tanda topi 'kpochi plus bimbo' bakal disarungkan*

Kakak sebelah: Fauzana Kasim.

Penulis: OMG OMG SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND. SHE'S LIKE MY SUPER BESTFRIEND. *dengan sebelah tangan lagi menutup mulut ala-ala gaya bimbo terkejut* Ya Allah keciknya dunia. *sambil tangan masih memegang tangan Kakak sebelah*

Dan perbualan itu berterusan. Rupa-rupanya Kakak sebelah turut mengenali Hawa, Farid Halim dan Hasrizul *nama seperti yang disebut Kakak sebelah* kerana mereka semua alumni SERATAS.


Moral of the story, jadilah diri sendiri. Tak payah lah nak control ayu.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

A good laugh.

The conversation me, Ayah and Mama had yesterday over KFC at dinner.

Me: Ayah, dah ready ke nak dapat grandson? *after looking at one cute little boy syok sendiri menari-nari kt KFC tu*

Ayah: *straight face*

Mama: Macamana nak timang yah?

Ayah: *thinking* Takucita tenggiling panjat dapo...bla bla bla

*everyone laughed*

Me: Macamana eh nak timang in English. Adik nak cakap English ngan anak-anak adik. Kena la start dari baby. Kalau orang Melayu kan timang cakap, 'Ala bucuk-bucuk...nak cakap dengan atuk ye? Alololo..iye saya..iye saya..nak cakap ape tu..yada yada yada'*

Ayah: *thinking*

*Mama and I were busy munching our chicken*

Ayah: Ala smelly want to talk to grandpa?

*Everyone burst out laughing. Mama almost choked the chicken*

Me: Tu direct translation gila. Takdenye mat saleh timang anak dia camtu.

Ayah: Ha yelah, dah kata nak English.

Mama: Yang takucita tu macamana pulak?

Me: Tenggiling apa ek in English?

Ayah: *thinking* Takucita tenggiling climb the kitchen...

*Again, everyone burst out laughing sampai keluar air mata*


This conversation is better heard, than read. Sebab takucita tu ada melody dia. Kalau dengar baru rasa lawak, kot?

But whatever it is, I had a great time with the parents yesterday. Gelak tak ingat. I am already missing them :((( Homesickkkk, cepatlah Sabtu nak balik Seremban.

p/s: Tenggiling in English is 'pangolin' ye rakan taulan sekalian.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

She's back!

Who's back?

My mom is back!


InsyaALLAH, and Alhamdulillah.

So the 5 of us, no actually the 6 us *baby in the belly* went to the airport yesterday to welcome Mama home. It was such an endurance test okay; Mama was supposed to touch down at 2 pm, but her flight was delayed so she touched down at 2.30 pm. We were standing from 2.30 pm till almost 4 pm *ok I know I'm being a spoiled brat berdiri sejam setengah pun nak kecoh*. We didn't want to find a place to sit because Mama could have gone out anytime. So yeah.

Oh, the night before I made a cheap double sided banner. Hihi. *Memang jimat kos*

That's my brother. Wah it's his first appearance in the blog. Hi Gems Angah!

Btw, not to menconteng arang to his face, but actually dia yang ajak camwhore ni. Haha. Bosan habis lettuwww. *Bahasa rempit dah keluar. Bahaya*

And there she is!!!!

A beaming smile :)

We were expecting more than this. Apparently Mama had to leave one of her luggages to her friend in Saudi because she had exceeded the weight limit!! Haha. Typical Mama. Itupun ada lagi selori benda she sent by cargo.

The other side of the banner :D

Alhamdulillah, I'm so glad that she's back. She told her friends in SA, 'It was my youngest's request to have me come home. She said 'cukup-cukup la tu''. Perggghh I don't dare watching the whole speech they recorded in her camera. I could cry a river. It was a very emotional moment for her, and also her close friends there. I'm gonna cry because I'd feel like I am the one who's breaking them up :(( She was very very happy there, with the Holy Makkah being just 45 minutes from where she stayed. It took me several months to adapt after coming home from the US. I don't think Mama will ever move on. She was there for 9 years, and the greatest thing was she could easily visit the Kaabah anytime she wanted to. Even I don't think I'll ever move on if I were in her shoes. I am just hoping I could give her the best, now that she's back. 


Moving on.

I am blogging at the most random place -  a cooking academy.

Mama ialah seorang yang tidak kenal erti penat. 

She just arrived yesterday, and today she insisted in going for this Raya cookies class. Me being unemployed and a faithful child *angkat bakul masuk sendiri*, is the supir chauffeuse *glamor sikit* for the day! And tomorrow! And maybe the day after tomorrow too! And maybe Sunday too! Haha

See? My mom is an iron lady. She wants to join classes on 4 consecutive days. I don't think she can spell  L.E.T.I.H or P.E.N.A.T.

Right now I am waiting for her to finish her class at 6. Chup it's 6 now. Err 7, I guess? This remind me of the time when my mom had to wait for my sister to finish her tuition class, under a tree, under the scorching sun! Last time she drove a car with no air-conditioner, so it was better for her to wait outside rather than inside the car. Now it's a 360 turn. It's my turn to drive Mama around and wait for her until she finishes her classes. But it wasn't even close to what she experienced before. I am waiting for Mama in an air-conditioned lounge, with a laptop and WiFi connection. 

Pengorbanan ibu, memang takkan terbalas. Ever! But I'm trying my best, to give her the very best. 

Tadi, on the way to the academy, we got lost. I key-ed in 'Jalan Reko' in the GPS, little that I know Jalan Reko is a long stretch of road. Jane *my GPS* took us to the middle of ladang kelapa sawit, which is on Jalan Reko. -____- Mama's class was supposed to start at 3, but we arrived at 3.30. Rasa guilty gila sebab buat Mama missed first 30 mins of the class. Kalau dulu, kalau Mama lambat sikit, dah mengamuk gila dah.

'Mama niii, kenapa lambattt!'
'Mama ni, orang dah tunggu kasjweawdaksnc02948398r9csxnzpv8ck'

Such an ungrateful child -___-

Tapi Mama, cool je dalam kereta. Sikit pun tak marah. Siap baca doa-doa lagi nak kasi tak sesat. :)))

Moral of the story, janganlah derhaka kepada ibu anda, kerana syurga di tapak kaki ibu.
Moral yang kedua, berbaktilah selagi boleh kepada ibu bapa anda. I'm trying my best, and you guys should too :))

Curi-curi tangkap gambar Mama tengah belajar. *Nampak macam dia lak cikgunye hihi*

The End.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ring Galore


Hi blogosphere~

It's been awhile. 

Watched Harry Potter today! Oh man, even I felt sad that it is the last one. I can't imagine how those hardcore fans feel about it. I must say this last installment is the best of all. I don't remember giggling to jokes in the previous ones. This last one has it all. 


Such a butter finger I have. I keep losing my rings! Last weekend I went strolling at the mall with Pao and the girls, and found this whole ring shelves in Parkson. Oh we were jumping all over! (exaggeration) 

So today, we went again and told ourselves WE.MUST.GET.ONE! Thing is, it was so hard to CHOOSE.ONLY.ONE. I had my eyes on these four, and guess which one I bought? Thank you Pao for giving me the RM10 voucher. Hihi. I am one happy girl :) *I still wish to buy another three, though. Talking about being greedy and unnecessary. Sigh*

Pic credit to Pao.

Toodles, for now!

P/S: I am yet to post about the Relay For Life event I participated last weekend.

Thursday, July 14, 2011



Akhirnya, hari yang ditunggu-tunggu muncul jua. Tak keruan weekend lepas, otak dok runsing, dapat ke tak dapat ke. Apa kerja tak jalan. Konon nak study untuk exam PTD pun, ke laut jugak.

Hari Isnin pagi-pagi buta bangun call KPT general line, tapi takde sape angkut. Nak call USM, tapi dengarnya Penang cuti hari Isnin. Tapi try jugak lah, sekali dapat. Alhamdulillah, dapat berita gembira. KPT dah luluskan permohonan nak sambung belajar! Yippieeee!

Semalam tengah-tengah malam buta, baru nak buka e-mail sebab keluar sepanjang hari pukul 10 malam baru balik. Pegawai KPT hantar e-mail pukul 3 petang, kasi link untuk download surat tawaran dan segala jenis borang. Dah dapat surat tawaran tu, barulah official semuanya. Ada black and white. Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih kepada yang doa untuk saya dapat offer ni, saya tahu sepanjang minggu lepas dok cakap kat orang-orang pasal susah hati fikirkan results, lepas tu mintak semua doakan. Alhamdulillah, doa saya dan doa-doa anda makbul :)

Seronok bila dah official. Barulah boleh proceed nak buat benda-benda lain. Dulu cari rumah separuh jalan, sebab cuak nak prepare lebih-lebih. Tapi sekarang sudah boleh, dan Alhamdulillah juga community di Nottingham sangat-sangat membantu. Geng-geng satu BTN pun banyak tolong kat Facebook group. Tanya je satu soalan, berderet orang kasi respon. I'm blessed with good people around me :)

Sekarang tengah gigih cari rumah, nak prepare for visa application, buat medical check up, apply visa. Lepas tu dulu ada niat nak study apa yang patut sebelum start belajar balik, tapi macam dah tak sempat je. Buku pn ke laut jugak lah agaknya. Yang seronoknya, thrill thrill nak prepare semua ni dapat kongsi dengan Nysa. Nysa adalah kawan kepada kawan saya budak PennState. Namun kini Nysa telah menjadi UK buddy saya. Yang kurang syioknya, Nysa pergi Cambridge, kalau pergi uni sama dah hooray hooray dah.

Lepas siap segala benda di atas, kena fikir nak pindah pulak. Nak kena kosongkan bilik sekarang ni. Iyolah kan ke menumpang rumah kakak. Lepas ni 3 tahun kat sana, takkan nak biar barang bertapa kat rumah orang. Kakak pulak tengah pregnant, sah-sah bilik ni jadi bilik niece/nephew ku yang comel macam Acu dia. LOL. Ayah pulak dah nak pencen bulan Oktober, jadinya nak kena pindah dari Seremban ke Ipoh pulak. Yay Ipoh tanah airku! Berakhirlah hidup nomad ku selama 5 tahun. Muahahahha. Maka sibuk lah 2 bulan ni.

Yeay, 2 bulan. Sob sob. Sedih nya. 2 bulan tu pejam celik pejam celik dah September okayh. Saya berhajat nak buat open house/kenduri kesyukuran, dan nak semua kawan-kawan datang, boleh tak? Tamak gila nak semua datang. Dari before nak fly pergi US dulu dah pasang hajat, tapi tak kesampaian. InsyaALLAH kali ni nak kasi jadi jugak. Ini jemputan awal gila okay, sampai tarikh pun takde lagi. Pape I'll let you guys know, okay? Datang jangan tak datang.

Sekian sahaja bebelan kali ini. Again, thanks kepada yang doakan saya dapat fly. Hanya ALLAH yang dapat balas jasa anda semua. Saya balas dengan makanan kenduri nanti, okay?


Monday, July 11, 2011

Kira Kira Kahwin


Pada suatu malam yang indah, tiba-tiba datanglah satu 'random thought' untuk buat belanjawan. Well actually takde lah random mana. Ada satu hari tu ternampak status seseorang di Facebook, pasal dia sit for an hour untuk buat financial projection/planning dia for the next 10 years. 'Interesting', hati ku berkata. Makanya pada suatu malam yang bosan, terjadilah Kira Kira Kahwin seperti di bawah.

Mungkin ada yang kata I went overboard by planning all these, tapi saja ada aku kesah? Aku nak kahwin grand and most importantly tak mahu buat pinjaman *InsyALLAH*. Jadi, if you are with me, teruskan membaca. Sharing is caring, yo!

Umur yang standard orang sekarang kahwin ialah sekitar 26-28 tahun. Masa tu kerja dah stabil, tak lompat-lompat lagi, income pun of course dah stabil once kerja dah stabil.

Let's give ourselves four years from now before we get hitched. 

Let say you need..

RM 15,000 for wedding

RM   6,000 for honeymoon (kalau local maybe less, ini contoh yang nak honeymoon pergi buat umrah)

RM  5,000 (contribution on your part) untuk fill up your first house with your spouse. Rumah ni tak semestinya korang beli lagi, could be korang sewa je dulu. This amount untuk korang start beli perabot etc. 

So total korang perlukan RM 26,000.

Jadi berapa banyak korang kena save sebulan untuk dapat RM 26,000 dalam account by end of four years? Simple math.

RM 26,000/ 4(12) = RM 542

Yes, korang kena save up RM 542 sebulan. Nampak macam banyak kan? Lepas buat kira-kira hari tu pun rasa macam 'Mak oi banyak nya, nak makan apa???' 

Tapi kira-kira ni sangat relevan ye kawan-kawan. Mungkin korang fikir eh muda lagi, nak fikir pasal kahwin buat pe, buat sesak otak je, nak berfoya-foya dulu lah. Ye, berfoya-foya lah korang selagi larat, tapi at the end of the day, korang nak kena kahwin jugak. 

Nabi Muhammad SAW pun pernah bersabda;

"Perkahwinan itu Sunnahku, sesiapa yang tidak suka kepada Sunnahku, dia bukan daripada kalangan umatku"

(riwayat Al-Bukhari)

Takkan lagi 6 bulan nak kahwin baru menggagau garu kepala fikir mana nak cari duit. Kan bagus kalau dari awal bekerja dah sebelahkan duit untuk belanja kahwin. Sebelahkanlah jugak duit untuk korang berfoya-foya. Tak salah pun. Fair and square. 

Ye, RM 542 sekarang nampak sangat besar. Tapi bayangkan kalau korang start lambat, tinggal setahun lagi nak kahwin, korang kena simpan double tau. RM 1000 sebulan. Pergghhh, masa tu lah terpaksa makan maggi 20 hari sebulan, tak beli baju and kasut 4 bulan, tak kasi duit kat mak 6 bulan, tak tengok movie 8 bulan. Sure taknak kan macam tu? Biarlah nak kahwin pun boleh lagi makan Fish N Chips :)))

Oleh itu, mari semua, kita start menabung. Ini juga peringatan untuk diri saya sendiri. Saya nak wedding yang boleh tahan grand, tapi bukan tahap artis lah yang pasti. Tee hee hee. Simple tapi grand, cemana tu? I mean at least dapat la apa yang nak, takde la kene kemut sebab tak cukup bajet, you know what I mean? Tapi harapnya tak go overboard lah, thanks to TheOtherKhairul kerana mengingatkan. 

Jom menabung?

p/s: Jangan lupa simpan kat Tabung Haji jugak okay?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's cookin'? - Ep 6


During my last sleepover with Kekna and Kekngah, Kekna made us wake up early in the morning to go to Tesco. She wanted to cook Spaghetti Aglio Olio for us. Pergi Tesco tak mandi uols, buruk perangai haha. Yelah, malam tu baru balik dari day trip pergi Melaka, sampai rumah at 1 am, tidur dekat pukul 3 am. By 9, semua dah bangun. Konon dah terbiasa bangun pagi sebab pergi kerja :P

I think it was my first time having Aglio Olio and boy was it delicious!

So earlier this week I kinda craved for it, but only got the chance to cook it yesterday.

So you need...

Pasta (I think any kind would do, this time I used Angel Hair)
Large prawns
Dried chilies
Ground black pepper
Parmesan cheese
Black pepper sausage
Olive oil

FYI, Aglio means garlic and Olio means olive oil, in Italian. So the basis of the recipe are garlic and oil. And if you haven't noticed, ini bukan pasta yang ada gravy. It's rather dry. But since I am a cheapskate yang kedekut nak melabur RM19.90 for a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, I substituted it with butter. So it's Aglio Burro Pasta tee hee hee.


1. Heat olive oil in a pan
2. Once heated, saute garlic until golden
3. Add prawns, sausages, and dried chillies (soak your dried chillies in hot water for a bit before adding to the pan)
4. Sprinkle ground black pepper and parmesan cheese
5. Add pasta
6. Add more parmesan cheese and black pepper to your liking
7. Pasta is then ready to serve
8. If you like, you can drizzle olive oil over your pasta before serving


Happy trying :P

Tuesday, July 5, 2011



Tangan yang suka menconteng.
Kalau cakap telefon, pantang ada kertas depan mata.
Siap boleh tulis key points dalam conversation tu.
Bunga, daun, awan tak payah cakap.
Tu standard.

Ada lagi satu tabiat.
Kalau hati gelisah sangat, sedih sangat, nervous sangat, rasa macam tak keruan,
mesti tulis surat kat diri sendiri.
Motif? Nak bagi motivasi kat diri sendiri kot?
Benda yang terlalu picisan nak cerita kat orang, orang lain banyak lagi masalah lain nak fikir.
Jadinya, tulis la surat cinta tuju kat diri sendiri.
Surat kat atas tu, tulis masa tengah tunggu ERL, nak pergi KL Central dari Putrajaya.
Tak ingat nak pergi mana, jumpa siapa.
Yang pasti masa tu otak tengah bersepah, hati dup dap dup dap Allah saja yang tahu.

Bukan masa sedih je, masa terlalu gembira pun tulis jugak.
Tapi kan gembira tu sementara saja, lepas benda yang buat gembira tu jadi benda sedih,
terus koyak muka surat tu, buang dalam tong sampah.
Konon takmau lagi benda yang macam bodoh tu.
Tapi sebenarnya terlupa, walaupun sementara,
orang-orang/benda-benda tu pernah membahagiakan, walaupun seketika.
Terima kasih untuk itu.

Entry ini takde motif actually. Mungkin masa untuk tulis surat dah tiba.
Hati, bertabahlah.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Nerdy mom.


Choosing the right gifts to give to people on their special day is a difficult task, for me at least. It becomes a  'chore' when the gifts are for kids. You would think otherwise, because they are kids after all. They play with their toys day in and day out. Just pick any fancy toys and they sure will love it. How difficult can it be, right? Haha. It's me who is being difficult actually. I don't believe in giving toys to kids. Toys are fine, but must be educational ones. Not some action figures, or cars, or armor and sword, and whatnot. If the toy car involves dismantling and assembling work, then that's fine. It makes the kids think. I'm talking about the kind of toy car where kids just go 'vroom vroom' and move the car from point A to point B and that's it. Pointless, that's my point.

See, I stop reading comics and watching cartoons at a very early age (you must be thinking what a boring childhood this poor girl had). Maybe that's why I'm not creative. I find it hard to imagine things. No offense, but I think Shin Chan is rude, and his scale compared to his parents just don't make sense. He is shorter than his parents' knees. Haha, ketinggian pun aku nak pick out. Truth is, I can't stand stupid jokes. 

So yeah, I believe that kids tidak sepatutnya disogokkan dengan a lot of toys, cartoons and comics. That's why I find it hard to look for gifts for kids. The gifts must meet certain criteria - must be educational, won't impart negative effects, can be use for a long time, bla bla bla bla. I told my friends once in high school, that I won't allow my kids to watch cartoons and comics. I'll just buy them books and they have live with that. Hahaha. Habislah anak-anak aku semua nerd. Hopefully the father will balance it all out :P 

I went to look for gifts today, for my cousins - a 3 year-old Arif Arman and a 12-year old Ameera Liyana. We are having a birthday party for them tomorrow. First I went to MPH; I thought of getting Ameera some exercise books to prepare her for UPSR.  For Ayip, I thought of getting him a storybook set. The hardcover ones, lepas tu ade 3-4 dalam satu kotak. I used to have that when I was small, so I thought it would be a perfect gift for him. I bought the exercise books, but couldn't find the storybook set. 

Then I went to Parkson. Looking at the storybook section, sigh, so kasihan. Not only there are so little books, but also they are all dusty! I wonder how long they have been there. Sampai berhabuk takda orang beli.

Then I came across the school supplies section and found these handphone case/cover thingy. Really? Yeah I know kids nowadays tadika pun parents dah kasi pakai handphone, but don't encourage it by selling handphone covers at the kids section. Isk isk isk.

Here's another thing. Why must you include pictures of Power Rangers la, Ultraman la, Dragon Ball la in ABC 123 books? Why? Whyyyyyyy? OK, maybe you think it's to gain their attention. When kids see the Power Rangers, they would become attracted to the book and masa tu lah parents start to teach them sikit-sikit ABC 123. Kalau plain je, boring ye dak? Sigh. Parents kena ambil kelas belajar cara untuk ambil perhatian anak-anak ni. Sampai kena guna Power Rangers to allure their kids to learn.

Tak rasa ke kemunculan Power Rangers tu macam out of nowhere? 
Kalau si anak tanya kenapa ada Power Rangers kat situ, mak nak jawab apa?

Luckily, I found a decent section of puzzles. Lega hati mak, nyah.  Ada juga benda ilmiah kat sini. I spent a good 10 minutes staring at the puzzles, and contemplating which one to buy. Of course I have to opt for 2+ years puzzles, even though I'm itching to get those for 5+ and 6+ years.

Then it came to these two, ABC or 123? I thought of buying both, but macam mahal sangat la pulak (being cheapies). I thought, 'takpelah, nanti parents die boleh beli juga'. So I ended up with the alphabets, it came down to the number of puzzle pieces - alphabets ade 52 pieces, numbers ade 40 pieces :P

The search didn't end there. I was concern about being labeled a boring cousin, yang just tahu suruh orang belajar belajar and belajar, so I went to Lovely Lace to get Ameera another gift. During my high school, tak ingat for which birthday, my adik angkat gave me a jewelry cum music box from LL. I still have it until today. So I went to LL to look for it, nasib diorang ada jual lagi. I bought one for Ameera. Hope she likes it :)

Sebelum keluar, my eyes were fixed to these two teddies. Sangat adorable! A couple teddy. Siap ada junior teddy lagi. Awwwwhhh~ Don't worry I didn't waste my RM67 for it. But so comel I cannot tahan!  Maybe I'll drop by LL before the sale ends to get them both. Gotta grab that 10% yo! Hahaha

Moral of the story is, my dear friends, don't expect me to give some extravagant toys to your kids later k. I'm gonna stick to books, and puzzles and the like. Tee hee hee. But please, come to my kids' birthday parties with toys, so that my kids won't grow being boring and nerdy. Kesian dapat mak macam ni :P