Monday, April 25, 2016

New venture

It's our 3rd anniversary tomorrow. We don't have anything fancy planned this year, though I really wanted to have a 'babymoon' since it'll be the last time we get to travel/spend time together, just the two of us before the baby pops out. Something came up about 3 weeks ago, and we have been working on that ever since that we decided, our anniversary cum babymoon will have to wait. 

Rezeki Allah itu luas. And this one came when least expected it. For the past three weekends, we have been traveling back and forth from Penang to Ipoh to settle things. 3 weeks ago, we drove back to Ipoh after solat Jumaat (oh there was a drama on that day. I shall blog about it later). Then as soon as we arrived, we headed straight to the site to see the place. We then drove back to my parents' place, H had his shower and zaasss he went on the ETS train to KL to settle K1UK things. Full day Saturday and Sunday he was packing customers's orders, attending to customers who came to the house to collect their orders and etc. On Sunday he took the 7pm train back to Ipoh and next day we drove back to Penang early in the morning since I gotta go to work.

The following weekend, we drove from Penang to Kulim to see the regional manager just to submit our SSM certificate (old school man, he didn't do email or anything like that). It was a nice short meeting as we got to meet him face-to-face and listened to his business advice and whatnot. Something we may not get if we just sent the cert through email :) Then from Kulim we drove to Ipoh. We spent that Saturday driving all over Ipoh meeting with suppliers and whatnot, and only managed to have lunch at 4.30 pm (sorry baby). We went to see another supplier on Sunday then it was rest day for us before we went back to Penang that night.

We just arrived from Ipoh at 10.30 am today. We went back on Saturday morning, and off we went to see three suppliers within 1 hour because it was Saturday and everything was going to be closed by 1pm. Meeting on weekdays is a big no-no for us since I'm working so we had to rush to do everything on Saturdays. On Sunday, after sending my dad to the bus station, we got ourselves some paint supplies and went to the place give it a new look. We could have hired a painter to do the job for us, but H insisted to do it himself because it's way cheaper. So we spent the afternoon painting, only to find out that we didn't have enough paint and we could not get more since most paint shops are closed on Sundays. As if we were still so 'wangi' after all the hardwork, we went to Aeon Kinta City to have lunch and did some shopping for baby (ehem and mommy) supplies (been putting this off for quite sometime).

Now why am I writing all this? It may mean nothing to you, but I just feel like I need to document this memory somewhere, to remind us how it all began. Also, when the baby is big enough to read later, I'll let him read how good he/she has been throughout this starting journey, braving the highways, the scorching sun and the nonstop walking, yet never gave mommy a hard time :)

Happy anniversary to us, yay!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

At 31 weeks..

You kick/wrestle (or party..hmm) like a champion in my womb. This is not just one kick with one leg, but there are times when you poke my belly with all your limbs, AT ONCE. Whoa that moment, it feels like gempa bumi in there.

You listen to me very well. After I found out that you are super active than the previous weeks, I was a bit nervous to drive to work because you know, with the earthquake and its after shocks that you give me, sometimes I get a little startled. So the other day before I started driving, I told you to keep calm while I was driving, and you did! Soon after I reached the office, the gempa started -__- but all was fine. 

I'm gonna miss these gempa bumis once you pop out, for sure. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pinjam baju

I'm in the pregnancy phase where nothing seems to fit and the best option is to wear my husband's t-shirt at home. I wish he has more working/casual shirts so that I could wear them to work, but since he's working at home, that's not a privilege I get to enjoy.

Last weekend, I was at my mom's and out of nowhere she asked me to go to a relative's kenduri (she normally would tell us, the kids, about kenduri kendara waaayy before time). I didn't bring fancy baju kurung/jubah from Penang so guess what? I wore my mom's jubah (size L/XL) and boy, was it so comfortable haha. I can't even fit into any of my baju kurung now and my jubahs might be a little tight that my 'popped-up' belly button is gonna show. So L/XL jubah? No problem! Us siblings bought the jubah from Calaqisya for raya last year and I was so glad we did.

So ladies, the take home note is, always buy your mom nice clothes because who knows one day you gonna need to borrow them :P