Thursday, March 31, 2011

kotak itu, saya mahu!

Accessories are a girl's best friend.


But it was only at the age of 20+, accessories become my best friend. Before this, I always thought I didn't have the perfect skin tone to be donning all those girly accessories, be it silver or gold. In other words, I thought I was too dark and wearing silver would make me look hideous. Gone are the days when I felt insecure about my skin tone. Actually my skin tone is not that bad, why lah I felt like that before. Stupid me. Takde fashion sense langsung.

I have been tweeting about getting myself a jewelry box for a few times already. I am not sure how and when the craving came about, but I think it started when my dresser looked too messy with watches, rings, necklaces (not so much of bracelet/bangle girl) cluttering everywhere.  

I found the perfect one! Thanks to Oprah for her Oprah's Favorite Things show I watched yesterday. (It was so last year by the way, ketinggalan zaman sungguh)






Sophie Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn

3 drawers and a mirror. How can you resist that?

But then came the moment of truth.

Me: OMG OMG! Must get that! (thinking of my dear friends in Rochester who's kind enough to get it for me. And of course I'll pay back..duuhhh)

Oprah: ...... It retails at $179......

Me: Alaaaaaa *^&%$*(^&

Sister: It's not like you have many things to fill the box with anyways.

Me: *In a defensive mode* But I can always buy more stuff!

In the end, Sister 1- Dila 0. Sigh

On a brighter note, I found some cheap ones in their website. Ehem ehem handsome boys and pretty girls at RIT who are reading this, if you happened to go to Eastview Mall, go check them for me, please? I belanja Teh Tarik when you guys are back in July. *wink wink*

Isabella Jewelry Box

I passed by Pottery Barn EVERY TIME I walked into Eastview, but never bother to check the store out. 

What a waste :(