Wednesday, April 27, 2011



I have been thinking about this for quite sometime. I have observed people, and more importantly I have reflected upon myself.

I haven't read 'The Secret' (boo me!). Wait, I curi-curi read one chapter in Kinokuniya the other day. If I'm not mistaken it's about positive and negative thoughts. *Maybe it's time for me to finally read it* But I agree with what they try to convey in the book: 

"You are the master of your own destiny"

It's all in our minds. Whatever we decide to be or to do today, that decision will shape our future. And that decision can be about anything. Everything.

Let say for example, you want to open a mee goreng stall. You have a special recipe that you inherit from your great grandmother. You believe it'll be a good business because everybody around you has been saying it's the best mee goreng that they have ever tasted. Now question is, what kind of business you want it to be? How far you want to take it? Nak jual depan rumah je or nak bukak kedai? Kadang-kadang I feel sad looking at some Malay businesses, ones that I think have a lot of potential to go further, but then they settle for ala-kadar je. Bukak kedai pun macam takde effort, no deco, tak bersih etc.

You see, if in day 1 you decide to be mediocre, mediocre you will be. If you let your mind into thinking, 'I want to open mee goreng restaurant chains', your brain will process that dream, and work around that dream. All your subsequent thoughts and actions will be tailored towards that dream. Some people are afraid to think big, or simply they think it's not feasible. That's why there is this saying:

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you'll land among the stars"

It is okay to dream big. Even bigger than you thought you could do. Because you won't know how capable you are, until you try it yourself.

And again this is applicable to almost everything. 

You make decisions everyday, big or small. Small decisions, like what to eat may not affect you so much. But big decisions like what kinda job you want to look for after you graduate, you cannot simply say, 'Oh takpelah, duduk rumah setahun dulu, lepas tu baru fikir'. Think big, and be specific if you could, so that you have a vivid picture in your mind, making it easy for your brain to work that thought out. Oh I do that all the time. All the berangan-angan, I love it. Haha. 

Here's another example:

You completed your degree in local uni, but you so want to study abroad. You want to experience how it feels like to experience different cultures, different lifestyle, different climate altogether. But you feel you're not gonna achieve it because your English is not that good, and there's no way your family can fund your studies there. So what do you do? Do you just sit and wait for it to happen? It's not gonna happen, I tell you. If you decide that's what you want, work it! Look for funding opportunities, brush up your English etc. SET YOUR GOAL AND WORK TOWARDS THAT GOAL. Rezeki tak datang bergolek, yo!

What brings me to write this entry?

Because I feel so geram looking at people who don't want to majukan diri sendiri, cepat rasa selesa, and worst, DO NOT BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES.

POSITIVE THINKING, that's what we need. If you keep on saying 'No, I can't do this' 'I don't think I'm good enough' 'Naahh, cannot lah', your brain register those negative thoughts, then you gonna achieve nothing.

We must be fluid with our lives. Constantly moving. Not to sit one place for a long time and hoping that miracle happens.

Let's together change how our brains think, and together we achieve our dreams :)))

p/s: I may sound like a crazy woman membebel-bebel up there but I hope you gain something :)