Monday, April 25, 2011

Restaurant Review- The Precinct


Sister, brother-in-law and I went furniture hunting last Wednesday (Furniture arriving today, can't wait to have my new favorite thing woot woot!). We  figured there are a lot of restaurants in Precinct 15 that we haven't tried yet. So, we decided to give The Precinct Kopitiam a try that night (God, I just knew Precinct is spelled as PrecinCt not PrecinT. Haha noobsss)

The Precinct Kopitiam specialty is asam pedas claypot. You can choose from ikan pari, ikan tenggiri, ikan parang, ikan kembong and last but not least, ikan SALMON yo! The claypot prices range from RM7.80-RM28.90 (obviously that's the SALMON). I was itching to try asam pedas salmon but then it is to pricey :(

I was a bit jakun to see the waiter using this PDA-kinda-thing to take our orders. They just key the orders in, and the orders will automatically shown on the monitor in the kitchen (at least I thought that's how it works :P)

So all three of us ordered the same thing, asam pedas pari. Sungguh tak creative. When the food came, wah it was sizzling hot mannn. And the fish was hugeeeee. We thought we had to share one claypot, but no, one huge fish for everyone. 

Jeng jeng jeng, now come the most important part of all. The taste! Overall I can say that the food was good, but I prefer the asam pedas to be less 'pekat'. I'm the soup person, give me curry or asam pedas, I would want to hirup em' all. But since the asam pedas here was a bit 'pekat', no hirup for me :( Oh yeah back to the taste. The spiciness and sourness were A-OKAY. 

Oh the claypot set comes with nasi putih and ulam-ulaman too. The taugeh was an add-on.

Not too forget, they also have variety of other menu-cucur ikan bilis, putu piring, laksa, mee goreng, char kuey tiao etc. Oh and they serve cucur ikan bilis with asam pedas yo! Super new thing for us. I was told by Athirah that orang Melaka eat asam pedas with almost everything, including roti canai. Need to try that one day.

As usual, the 'aftermath' picture. 

All in all, a good place to go to if you were craving for asam pedas. But I bet, orang Melaka and orang Johor will say that they can do a better job :) Nice ambiance, affordable and friendly waiters/waitresses (because I asked if I could take a picture of the PDA-kinda-thing and he just smiled and passed the thing to me without hesitation)

*uuuu now my stomach is growling, it's about lunchtime BYEEEE*