Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's cookin'? - Ep 5


Last Sunday night I was down with a weird-feeling stomachache, the kind I never had before. Nak kata senggugut bukan, food poisoning pun bukan. And it lasted till Monday morning :( At work, Dr. Ranald diagnosed me for having gastric when I told him the symptoms and the fact that I didn't have dinner on Saturday night and only had lunch at 4 pm on Sunday. The diagnosis was further confirmed by Dr. Mama. She gave me all sorts of advice including the most random one;

Beli susu kotak kecil2 tu, jangan dah beli handbag and baju, dah macam pokok!

Sempat lagi tu nak bagi pesanan khidmat masyarakat. Dari cerita sakit perut, boleh masuk pasal my shopping habit. Oh mummmyyyyy kuuuu...

I got home after work on Monday, and Kakak the Pharmacist prescribed me some black looking tablets; I refused to take it because of its look (judging a book by its cover). And when I checked at the back, it is actually 'Activated charcoal' hence the color. Lagi lah taknak makannn, charcoal kot! But I googled it, it's actually for to naturalize poison in the body yada yada yada.

From a doctor, Mama became a psychologist, then a nutritionist. She advised me on what to eat and what not to eat. So at the end, I made 'Sup Makaroni', which is the WHOLE purpose of this entry. Hahaha..sorry I took you through the long way :)


You need: Onion, garlic, cinnamon sticks, star anise, ginger, macaroni, carrot, celery, potato, sup bunjut/perencah sup, chicken stock, cili padi, salt and pepper


1. Blend onion, garlic and ginger
2. Saute blended ingredients with cinnamon sticks and start anise in a little bit of oil until golden (I didn't have sup bunjut/perencah sup, so I added a bit of serbuk kurma here instead)
3. Add water
4. Once water is boiling, add macaroni, carrot, potato and chicken stock/chicken cubes
5. Now wait forever 
6. Add cili padi to your liking, salt and pepper to taste
7. Add celery
8. Voila! Sup Makaroni siap!

*I really think adding serbuk kurma makes it taste better..hi hi hi*

You can also add some protein, that makes the soup 'Hidangan Sepinggan Lengkap', like we were taught in Kemahiran Hidup very long time ago *uhuk uhuk dah tua*

Traffic jammed deyy in there. If I were to put chicken cubes, lagi lah jammed. 

Last but not least, garnish with bawang goreng and daun sup :)
Oh lapaaaaaaaaar