Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekend with BFFs

I have just realized, in 2011, there is no full weekend that I sit still at home, potato-couching, munching tidbits and sleep like nobody's business. Every weekend mesti keluar menghabiskan duit. Sigh

We have planned for last weekend for ages. I bought the tickets to watch the musical theater "Terima Kasih Cinta' months ago. It's just one of the things me and BFF plan to do while we are still young and single. Muahaha. So we went, too bad Hana and Malya couldn't join us. I must say, I picked the best seat ever, well at least seats that we can afford la. It was the RM75 ticket, and we were thiiiiiiiis close to the stage! Siap boleh comment 'Eh besarnya kaki dia!' 'Eh kurus nya dia lepas pregnant kembar!'. Girls kan, well. Overall, the show was pretty good. Kalau I tak fell asleep tu you can say it's decent enough la. Suara Latif Ibrahim nyanyi lagu Korprotasa, fuuuh. And then Tony Eusoff nyanyi lagu Sejati. Terkesan sungguh.

Now comes the interesting part, FOOD! This time around, we didn't plan on where to eat, like previous time. We just randomly thought of a place to eat, and zaaaaaas we went. So allow me to give some reviews on the eateries we went last weekend. 

First stop - Mancongkam Chicken Rice, Gombak

Maaf ye gambar Nasi Ayam nye takde. We were so hungry! Service was TOO SLOW. That was why when the food came, we immediately terkam the meal sebab dah la lapar, kene tunggu lama plak tu. Nasi Ayam was decent, not WOW. Total price for 4 people, RM26. I give 1.5 out of 5.

Second stop - Restoran Kunang-Kunang, Gombak

Just look at the amount of food we ordered. Sume orang macam order two meals, sampai tak muat meja okay, sebab semua lapar gila. Yes, we are a bunch of constantly hungry people. Haha. The ambiance is nice, it's a restaurant-in-a-garden thing. Plus, they have a live band. We asked them to sing the birthday song to our lady Zafirah, she turned 23 last month. Sungguh super belated. Apa punya kawan. Haha

We were expecting to order ala carte dishes, like ikan masak tiga rasa lah, tomyam lah, because we were starvingggg but to our surprised, such big restaurant doesn't serve such dishes. Too bad. I mean, the ambiance tells you that this restaurant would serve those kind of dishes, macam Village View Restaurant and Yankies Hut in Bangi, but boy was I wrong. 

Lebih menyedihkan, the food we ordered were not that good. Our Bihun Tomyam was tasteless, sampai kene mintak kicap, sebab mmg tak boleh nak habis makan sebab tawar sangat. Same with the Char Kuey Tiao. But at least their Otak-Otak and Fried Calamari were good. Price is affordable, 6 orang makan, at least   4 orang ordered two meals, total was RM132. I give 2.5 out of 5.

Third stop - Hayaki, Setapak

I bet you gonna drool looking at these pictures. Yang ni banyak gambar because tak lapar sangat, plus presentation of the food is nice. Nicer thing is, the food was AWESOME!! Hayaki ni macam restaurant jual makan-makan authentic melayu lah. It's clean, and the ambiance is nice. We went there for breakfast. We had..*prepare to drool* Oh btw, total price for 5 people, about RM70 plus. I give 4 out of 5.

Nasi Ulam Ikan 
 I ordered this. Muak dah dgn ayam dan seangkatan dengannye. Ikan kering pun jadilah. Towards the end of my meal, baru Malya told me I had been cicah-ing my ikan with BUDU. OMG officially I dah makan budu. Punya la cakap taknak makan benda-benda exotic ni, skali naaaah depan muka. I still prefer ulam cicah sambal belacan, though.

Nasi Kukus Ayam
Ayam tu masak ape ek, ala-ala gulai kawah camtu kot. 

Nasi Dagang Ayam
Never had Nasi Dagang before. It's okay for a start. I like the chicken.

Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik.
My favorite! Ayam percik dia besar okay, and tak kedekut gravy. Restaurant ayam percik kat Bangi tu kene tambah duit kalau nak extra gravy. Huhu. This one plate is RM 9.90. Quite pricey for the portion, but since ayam besar, boleh la.

Last but not least, Nasi Ayam
Sedap! See presentation die, menarik kan? Nasi Ayam dalam bento box.

Last stop - The Loaf, Pavillion

 I can't remember the name of these buns/breads. But overall, I would say they are just fair, both price wise and taste wise. Not the BOMB. I actually went to Levain Boulangerie and Patisserie, KL last weekend too, with another friend, tapi takde gambar. The Loaf vs Levain, I think Levain wins in terms of price. Total price, those breads plus 4 drinks and two cakes, RM80. Taste wise, both are mediocre. Ambiance, Levain wins! Levain 2 - The Loaf 0. Would like to go to Levain again, this time get my teeth to bite the tempting macaroons!! I give The Loaf 2.5 out of 5, and Levain 3.5 out of 5.

That's pretty much my weekend. Full of gluttony moments. Haha. Wait, chup! We also went karaoke-ing. Oh I have been craving for karaoke session for monthssss, only last week I got my chance to lontarkan my-tak-sedap-suara. Sorry besties, I hope I didn't rosakkan your ears.

Next meeting, April 16, InsyaALLAH. I smell 'roadtrip' yo!