Friday, March 11, 2011

What's cookin'? - Ep 1

This is long overdue. I made dinner last week and wanted to share the recipes with everyone, but naaaaah I was too busy being lazy. Haha. So I made baked potatoes and Beef in a Pocket (lame gila nama haha). Thanks to Annes for sharing how to make baked potatoes in her blog.

#1 Baked Potatoes

You need: potatoes, button mushroom, tomatoes, parsley, cheese, minced meat, salt and pepper (you can put literally anything you feel like having)

1. Bake potatoes in the oven. Temperature 180C-200C for 30 mins (depends on your oven). Kalau rajin wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil and cucuk-cucuk the potatoes nak kasi cepat masak.

2. Cut whatever you want/have into small edible pieces.

3. Saute with some butter for maybe 2-3 minutes, especially when you add meat. Kalau just veggies takyah saute pun takpe. I like to add either parsley or cilantro because it adds aroma to the mix.

4. Once your potatoes are tender enough, cut them into half, and scoop the potatoes out, leaving the skin behind. Make you sure the skin is still intact, because you're going to fill it later. Then, mix with the thing you sauted just now. There are two ways to eat baked potatoes. Either you do like I did, or you just scoop out some potatoes in the middle, and stuff the hole with the topping of your choice.

5. After you fill in the potato skin, add cheese and bake again until the cheese melted. And then, voila! Ready to eat!

#2 Beef in a Pocket

It is actually like kebab, but since I didn't roast the meat macam abang pasar malam jual kebab, I had to give it that lame name :P This one is super easy to make. Tak payah I share recipe pun takpe. Tapi saje nak letak.

You need: Minced meat (in my case, I used beef patties), onions, BBQ sauce, salt and pepper, mixed veggies, lettuce, pita bread

1. Cook your meat with onions. Put just a little bit of oil at the beginning because beef patties are oily in the first place. Add BBQ sauce, salt and pepper to taste.

2. Cut pita bread into halves, stuff the lettuce in, followed by the beef. Add mixed veggies that have been mixed with mayonnaise. Last but not least, add more BBQ sauce on top.

There you go! Simple dinner on the table. 
Senang kan? Something different. Malam-malam tak lalu nak makan nasi, sebab tengahari dah makan.
By the way, the yellow thing at the bottom is instant cheese sauce, beli kat Tesco 60 sen sepaket. Hihi



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