Sunday, March 27, 2011

Of Jane and Levain


Another weekend passed by, and me being a 'Weekend Nomad' (I just coined the term for myself today), I slept over at Zaf's on Friday and my aunt's on Saturday. Something different I did this weekend was, I drove to KL! What an achievement! (I heard 'Yeay Dila' on the background. Tengs yo!) If you read my earlier entries, you would have known that I'm such a noob when it comes to driving. Noob no more, because I now have my driving mate called...JANE! Jane is actually a GPS, not some new friend I met. Our extended family is used to calling a GPS, Jane, so I guess changing the name to 'Anuar Zain' or 'Michael Buble' just won't cut it. (Excuse the lame me for thinking such names for a GPS)

Just after I got back from the States in June, I kinda annoyed the girls when I repeatedly said how GPS is really useful and that we should get it asap. Sorry girls for being such a spoiled brat :P But yeah, it is proven that I am a spoiled brat because I gain my confidence to drive in KL when I have Jane with me. Sungguh loser, nak ada technology baru nak ada confidence.

So right after work on Friday, I drove to KLCC because Zaf, Hana and I decided to meet there for dinner. My first time going through a heavy traffic jam, I almost fell asleep in the car, no kidding! The whole journey to KLCC, I was thinking of what to have for dinner, and Chili's came to mind. It sounded just perfect when the girls were craving for the same thing as well. Too bad for us, the waiting time was one and the half hours, so we decided to settle for Bumbu Desa instead. From American to Indonesian, such a big leap. Bumbu Desa was fair, but not a place I'd come for a second time. They have Es Timun, which I miss so much from my family trip to Medan last 2 years or so. Unlucky me, the Es Timun was not as good as the one I had in Medan. Guess I just to fly there again then. *When is Air Asia having sales again?*

Then came Saturday morning. I proposed to the girls earlier that we would have breakfast at Levain Boulangerie and Patisserie. Remember I told about it in this post? This time I went with familiar faces, therefore tak segan to camwhoring. We unanimously agreed that the breads/buns/danish were just A-OKAY. But I had something different this time, the breakfast set and macaroons! Well you know, not only shoes and handbags have their 'in' time, food has 'in' time too. Apparently, macaroons are so 'in' right now, I just have to try it. True what they say, macaroons are so sweet. If you didn't have a sweet tooth, you might want to think twice before trying it.

Nany had this octopus bun and some oreo-looking bun (sorry I don't know their names). I didn't try it because I was busy stuffing my face with the breakfast set. But Nany and Hana agreed that the octopus bun was good.

Zaf's. Again, I don't know the names.

My breakfast set. Beef bacon, sausage, scramble egg and toast for RM9.90.

The most talked about macaroons! Or in French they pronounce it as 'makarong'. Something like that.

Hana Banana's first appearance in my new blog :P

Cik Zaf and Cik Nany

Hana's outgrown us! What year were you born in again?

Overall review on Levain: Okay food, with good environment. It is actually a bungalow turned bakery shop. Nice interior decor and they also have car jockey. We missed it, we had to pay some random Indian guy RM 10 for two cars to park in front of Andalus (nearby restaurant). Cekik darah. Btw, the car jockey is just RM2. Price is affordable, the buns are between RM3-6 if I'm not mistaken. I was expecting a place like this to be more expensive than that. You can try Levain for a change. Leave the nasi lemak roti canai teh ais for a day and go for some oreo-looking bun and ice chocolate instead :)

p/s: Another 5-days at work, then I'm off to watch Lat Kampung Boy the musical on Saturday. Jom?