Wednesday, March 30, 2011

makan tak habis


I am sure a lot of you people share the same bad habit with me, which is 'makan tak habis'. Of course not all the time I do not finish my meal, it's only these two reasons: one, I am too full and my stomach can literally explode, or two, the food doesn't taste good. But many times, if the food is so yummy but I'm already full, I will finish 'em no matter what. Just that you will have to wait for me because I'm gonna take my own sweet time to finish the food. I have a friend who can finish her food almost every time, regardless of how full or how tasteless the food is. Now, that my friend, is an exemplary act. Jangan membazir. Lived with her for four years but still couldn't practice that good habit of hers. @_@

But, I am not sure if we were on the same page for this-'guna barang tak habis'. By 'barang' I mean, toiletries and skincare products. I just realized I have this habit, and I think it has been going on for a while now.

I bought these two when I was in the States. Body Shop had some promotion, I just had to buy even though I didn't really need 'em. It's been 9 months already, and why the heck they are still on my dresser?
Cheating rule #1: Don't use 'having sales/promotion' as an excuse, people are not gonna buy your excuse.

This is the answer to question above. Sometime in August last year, when I visited my mom's place in Jeddah, she brought us to the mall and asked if we wanted anything. Being a good daughter, I just kept quite. But when my mom insisted on 'belanja-ing' my sister some Body Shop things, I just had to put the 'taktahu-malu-daughter' cap on and asked mom for this travel set. So I used this set for a little while until.....

           Mom and I reunited again last February. That was when this travel set came on my dresser. I've been using the Vitamin E for so long, and didn't feel good changing to the Seaweed range. So, I changed back to Vitamen E. And yes, mom paid for it. 

Now, this one is the oldest of 'em all. I can't even recall when I bought it but it sure has made its way across two continents, in two years. Maybe three. 
Euw! Does this thing have an expiry date at all? Good thing it's not make-up. I hope whatever left in there is still sterile and no weird chemical reactions have taken place.

We have come a long way from my skincare products. Now, let's proceed to my toiletries.

Four lotions/body milk/body butter. Although they are used at different time (i.e body butter is usually applied when it's extremely dry e.g winter season. Lotion is good for daily use. Body milk..erkk need to research that), but essentially they serve the same purpose - to moisturize the skin. Now why do I need four of the same thing again?

If four skin-moisturizing thing is not bad enough, I have five different shower gels at one time. Three of them have been used to some extent, while two others are untouched. When one was almost finishing, I bought the other one. That sounds normal right? Thing is, after I bought that new one, I immediately used it and abandoned the old one. And the cycle continues. Just how do I stop the cycle from going on and on again? Help!!

See my problem? See? See?


Help me people! I need to have discipline when it comes to buying these things.

Anyone share the same habit?

p/s: Mom and I are fans of Body Shop. Now Body Shop, make me your ambassador already! Real beauty for real people, no?