Friday, March 18, 2011

Sedetik Lebih

One of the greatest Malay love song ever made.
Okay maybe I'm biased, because it's Anuar Zain.
But please, give it a listen first before you criticize my taste :P

One of my BFF said the other day to another BFF mase karaoke haritu, as I was choosing songs to sing she went, "Dila minat Anuar Zain dari sekolah kot, of course die nak nyanyi lagu Anuar Zain". Something like that lah. I can't remember her exact words.Bila teringat, memang zaman sekolah I gila kat Anuar Zain, especially when he had that gorgeous long hair. Oh meltness!

For the record, I also had a HUGE crush on Lah VE, first because of his stunning voice, and second, of course, his long gorgeous hair, at that time. Too bad VE dah takde. Sigh I even kept the newspaper-cut-out pictures of the two of them in my purse okay. Gila cheesy wey! Hahaha. Siap masuk BeatTV contest, ala yang Sazzy and Ashraf Sinclair host tu, and I won. The prize was to meet VE in person, while they were recording if I'm not mistaken lagu Party Like This or Message Girl. Too bad, my parents didn't allow me to go because they said it's a bad exposure. I was in Form 4 at that time. Nangis sampai mata bengkak, masa tu kat sekolah, curi-curi bawak hp. Penat convinced my dad how I'm getting there (konon-konon my brother would drive me all the way to KL) and where I'll be staying. Tak dapat jugak.

10 years passed by, I got to see, (read: see not MEET) Lah VE with his baby stroller in KLCC last December. Rambut dah pendek, dan tidak dengan VE lagi, jadi the HUGE crush now dah tinggal habuk je.
That is, by far, the craziest obsession I've had with celebrities. Now that I am 23, I have retired from all the obsessions, and I'm giving the chance to those 13-year-old out there to live their life and have crush on celebrities as they please, while I go save the world. Muahaha ayat tak boleh blah.

OK entry ni lari gila. Initially I just wanted to dump the video there, just so I have an update. I didn't have any ideas what to write on, sekali idea datang mencurah-curah ke ladang gandum. I got nothing to do in the office today since Boss is forever having meeting. Maybe I can only see him at 4, and there goes my plan for the evening. Dang it!

Enough Dila. Kthxbai!