Thursday, May 26, 2011

She is married!


Woah, last weekend was really something. I was so excited I couldn't bring myself to post anything in the blogosphere. But since someone is requesting for an update, now here it's for you, my dearest colleague!

So one of my school BFFs is married! Oh the feeling - happy, excited, sedih, terharu, semua ada. We went to her solemnization at Seri Kembangan on Friday night. It was a simple, yet beautiful event. The tok kadi even made some jokes, all of us in the house were laughing to them. I want that kinda tok kadi for my wedding, to ease my future's husband so that he won't have to repeat the 'akad' twice. Tee hee hee (berangan mode). But really guys, you have your whole life to memorize the 'akad', just insert the bride's name and 'mas kahwin', then there's no reason to repeat it, right? *Matilah ramai yang marah*

Two of the 'hantaran' really caught my eyes. The bride gave a DSLR-shaped cake to the groom, and the groom gave her a laptop-shaped cake in return. Comel kan? *Now let's see what I would want for my hantaran. Shusshhh Dila, this is not about you. SIGH*

Guess who we met there? Adriani Adnan, the Scarflet's blogger. Oh my, she's so ayu and soft spoken. She's also getting married soon. Congrats Adriani! *it's not like she reads my blog pfftt*

Well, it wasn't only a wedding, it was also a reunion for many of us. Bee is the first one to get married in the batch, so a lot us looked forward to her wedding to reunite with old schoolmates. It was indeed a memorable moment, to see each other so grown up, and matured. It's been 5 years since we left high school, feel so 'kertu' already.

And and, it wasn't only a reunion for my batch, my schoolmates, but also with others, friends whom I met/got to know after school. My life after SPM was quite fun, I got to know a few people from another school just by 'lepaking' at Jusco Ipoh and also through Friendster and Myspace (kids these days might not know what Friendster is, they only know Facebook haha), and instantly knew each and everyone in the circle. It was a fun memory though, somehow someone in this circle was related to somebody else in another circle *wink wink* Kinda miss that time.

Met Liyana again after 4 years.

It was also the first time me and my BFFs talked about marriage seriously. We discussed who's next, what would be our tasks during one's wedding, should we coordinate colors, are you willing to be the dulang girl etc. Someone (shall not be named) even cried at the thought of 'melepaskan' her BFFs to their future husbands. True enough, memang sedih pun tengok best friend sendiri kahwin, macam rasa kehilangan sikit. Let's not discuss about that until the time comes okay? I'll make sure I make note to my future husband that my BFFs are my VIPs, and I need to attend to them immediately if they call for help, deal?

Oh oh, what a surprise, when Hanis Zalikha and her whole family walked into the hall. All eyes on them. We didn't manage to get a picture with her mom, but seriously, Auntie Nani Rostam sangat cantik :) Wedding ni dah jadi bloggers reunion la plak. 

All in all, I had a GREAT time last weekend. I was supposed to go for BTN course in Rembau, but I guess Allah had better plans for me :) He didn't want me to miss meeting and reuniting with all these beautiful people. Thank you Allah. Now I hope it's not too late to go for the course in June :P

Selamat pengatin baru, Bee and Danny.
Semoga berkekalan hingga hujung nyawa.
Remember what I said about supplying me and the girls with flower girls and boys for our weddings. Haha


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Hey sweetie!

Thanks for the link and the wish!
awww sad tak dpt jumpa during the reception...

Kirim salam to your friends ya! =D