Thursday, May 5, 2011

1 tona lebih gelap


If you watched the Garnier TV ads, you would recognize the title of this entry. Just that I changed from 'lebih cerah' to 'lebih gelap', because first, I don't use Garnier, second, I spent four days in KK last week!! Haha 

Yes, I'm a tone darker y'all! Unexpectedly, KK was very hot! I forgot to pack my sunblock so yeah. Dah tau nak pergi pulau but forgot to bring sunblock. How clever!

My KK trip in 10:

1. Stayed at the navy base camp in Sepangar, about 15-20 mins from KK town. Had a look at the Malaysian submarines. Unfortunately they are not open for public tour :(

2. Quickly picked up the local slang. Thanks to AF for bringing all those local talents to the TV.

3. Learned a thing or two about the locals. Outskirts of the town, they don't have proper bus stops. People just wait along the road without any shelters, or even signboards to say that it's a BUS STOP. Oh and their 'bas mini' is actually a van. I notice that they are good in English. ASTRO is not a luxury item, it's a necessity, because many of the houses don't get regular TV signal (whatever they call it).

4. Outside the base camp, there is this one perkampungan rumah air (or something like that). Would love to visit it, but I don't think that particular perkampungan welcomes visitors. Zaf said the one in the movie 'Duyung' may be in Pulau Gaya. I wanna visit! It's so beautiful in the movie! Oh, here the sight of little kids mendayung sampan is typical. By little I mean very little! Kecik-kecik dah pandai mendayung sampai tengah laut.

5.  Visited Pulau Sapi and Manukan. The boat charge for visiting two islands are RM27, jetty fee RM3, island fee (once you enter each island you have to pay fee) RM3. RM27 for boat charge is quite cheap, no? 

6.  Snorkeled at Pulau Sapi. Crystal clear water, but not so many interesting things (coral reefs and fishes) to look at. A bit of disappointment. People say islands at the East Coast of Semenanjung are better in terms of snorkeling, I think they are right. But wait till you get to Sipadan or Mabul. They say it's heaven there. 

7.  Braved parasailing out. It was an AWESOME experience. Will do it again and again. In case you're wondering, it's RM90 per pax. Go try it!! Breathtaking view from up there worth your every penny.

8.  Didn't try a lot of the local food. First, afraid they are not halal. Second, don't know much about local delicacies. Should've done better homework :P But the wajib one, SEAFOOD DINNER can't be missed! Had ikan, ketam, udang, sotong, belut, siput, sharkfin everything! Oh Uncle Rosland made me eat the whole Kelapa Puding made inside the real kelapa. So huge okay! Kembung perut. Oh, I have different view to kelapa now. Used to hate it (I mean air kelapa and the isi), but now I can take it no problem.

9.  We took a road trip down (up? not sure. malas nak tgk map) to Beaufort and along the way I quickly picked up something. Every few kilometers, there will a signboard to a church. Each signboard is very similar (font color, size, background color, everything!) except for the name of the church. The sight of a mosque/surau is very rare. I'm not being racist or anything here okay. Just want to share a piece of information, that's all.

10.  Talk about sunset. Zaf's house is facing the sea on both sides. Sunrise sunset, we cover all. But of course I was still sleeping when the sun was rising! 6.30 pagi dah cerah macam 8.30 okayhh. Sunset view was, MasyALLAH, so breathtaking.

So I can cross KK out of my list. But I'm adding Mabul and Sipadan to it. Maybe for honeymoon? He he

Now enough of talking, let's enjoy the pictures.