Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another teaching weekend.


Are you ready for another weekend entry from me? *breathe in, breathe out*


So I applied for MARA postgraduate scholarship last month. I was born with paranoia as a twin sister, so I always have Plan A and Plan B to almost everything I do. At that time, I hadn't received good news from either Manchester or Nottingham yet. The result was announced two weeks ago and they called me to sit in for this 'Psychometric Test' on May 7 (last Saturday). 

Since I got accepted to Nottingham already, and Alhamdulillah everything looks fine on the sponsor's side, I thought I am already in my comfort zone, that I should just pass the test. But the whole of last week I was contemplating hard, whether to go or not to go. Did I mention 'Paranoia' is my twin sister? Guess what, I went to the test. After all, I had nothing to lose, only to gain. The test was held at Kolej Mara Banting. It's just 20 minutes from my place, so yeah, really I got nothing to lose. Drove myself there, of course with Jane tagging along (obviously Jane had no other choice but to follow) I headed out at 10.15, because Google map told me it's going to take 30 minutes, and I added some in-case-I-got-lost minutes; I told myself I should be there at 11. Luckily no 'sesat' taking place, I arrived at 10.40 and waited under scorching sun. Took the 30 minutes test, which turned out to be just a 'Personality test' with questions like, 'I am a highly motivated person' 'I never gossip' and score yourself from 'Strongly disagree-Disagree-Agree-Strongly Agree'. I actually studied for the test last week, thought it would be something like the Khazanah's Stage 1 Assessment Test I sat in October, in which I failed. 

I wonder how they are going to score the test, let's just wait and see. For all I know, I could have failed this one too -___- *God forbid*

After the test, I went back home and prepared baked macaroni and cream puffs with my sister as potluck for our family gathering later that evening. We told each other 'This is how we honor Mama on Mother's Day, because if Mama was around, she would do all the cooking and we both would just lepak tengok tv' *apa punya anak*

At the end of the night, I had a bloated stomach and a great time catching up with extended family :))))


Signed up for Jom Belajar Matematik 2. Athirah picked me up at my aunt's place and off to Shah Alam we went. Most of the kids were from JBM 1, with few new ones. We had additional 'teachers' thanks to Athirah for bringing her MGI colleagues.

I have to say, no matter what drove them to come to the program, I have to salute them for coming. Really, they didn't have to pay that RM2, and spent their Sunday on an educational program, but they did! Kudos to the kids. But I can tell that some of them went to the program, just for the fun of it. The fun of meeting friends, the fun of trying out office gadgets (some of them were really playful with the office telephones, you know how office telephone works with the extension number and all).

I can see improvements in some of them, in terms of Math skills and drive to learn more, but others 'masih di takuk lama'. It gets really frustrating when you expect them to know something, things you've thought them before, but when you ask them the same thing in the next meeting, they cannot give you the right answer. Honestly, I am not really a patient 'teacher'. I expect improvement and success in a short amount of time. But maybe I have to tone down my expectation, because not everyone is the same. O Allah, give me and the kids some light!

p/s: Can't wait for this weekend! Another test on Saturday, followed by Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan episode with the girls, and meeting Aisyah and the rest on Sunday!