Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Girly Weekend - Part 2


As promised, here's the second part of my girly weekend. This time it was with another group of BFFs.

On Sunday, 8 of us gathered at Little White Cafe, Bangi to welcome Aisyah home, and also to celebrate her engagement yo! One of us is engaged, MasyaAllah! 

I reserved for the 10 of us, but only 9 could make it. Me, Tira, Pao, Hawa, Aimi and Aisyah's friends from PennState-Peyya, Resty, Yaya. Zawa couldn't make it to LWC, but we managed to meet her at PKNS afterwards.

You really don't want to put 9 girls together in a cute little cafe. We pretty much treated the cafe like our own, and we talked and talked like nobody's business. Initially, I was thinking of having a private gathering (Ecah I'm spilling the initial plan for you :)), maybe in somebody's house or something. Pao thought even bigger, to book a hotel room! Then I thought of having a tea party, with cupcakes, muffins, together with English-inspired tea set and everything lah. Hahaha me and my angan-angan. I know you would love that, but sorry girl, the plan fell through, next time maybe? I thought, the closest thing to a tea party was to have the gathering at LWC. Jadilah kan? Hehe

I got lost on my way there. First, I thought I wanted to avoid using MRR2 because you-know-why lah. I'd rather drive back to Putrajaya, and use the usual route. But then I said, just try my luck, and yes I was indeed lucky that day, no heavy traffic except for in front of Tesco Ampang. Then when I arrived in Bangi, I got lost! LWC is on Jalan Medan PB 4A, (oh here's their Facebook) but Jane doesn't have it registered! She only has up to Jalan 3A, so the stupid me pergi pusing sana sini cari-cari tak jumpa. To make things worst, my handphone died on the way! Like flat habis. Out of desperation, I stopped by at a burger stall and asked for direction. Too bad the guy had no idea where I was heading. Guess what I did next?


I asked if I could borrow his handphone and he said yes!!! Must be my desperate look lah, thanks Abang Burger. Now you kiddo, don't do this at home. It iz very dangerousszzzz!! Kalau dah desperate sangat nak buat macamana kan? Survival 101. Thing is, I'm useless when it comes to memorizing phone numbers. I don't know Pao's or Tira's number by heart. So I dialed my sis and asked for direction. 

'Ko turn dekat ^*&()hkjo**^&^_GJBmnjgk' 

My mind was everywhere, I didn't bother to listen carefully. After what seemed like a good 5 minutes of menghabiskan credit seorang stranger, I hung up and relied on Jane again. 

'3A pun 3A lah.' 

Suddenly, I turned at one corner and there it was 'LITTLE WHITE CAFE' right in front of my eyes. Thank God!

Got into the cafe, hugged Ecah super duper tight (oh I miss you now) and talked the evening out. It was a great time catching up with her and others. Tak cukup kt LWC, we then moved to PKNS Bangi to find a place to lepak, and we settled for its food court. Empty food court, just perfect! Talked, gossiped, talked, looked at Aisyah's engagement pictures, gossiped some more, and it was 8 by then! Resty had to rush home, so off we all went. 

Saying goodbye was the hardest. Aisyah will be going back to the States this Friday to continue with her internship, and she will only be back for good in December. I, on the other hand, insyALLAH will be leaving this September, and not sure if I'll be coming back during summer. So yeah, the feeling of not-sure-when-we'll-see-each-other-again, it's so sad! We had many rounds of hugging-letting go-hugging-letting go we almost cried! Seriously Ecah, if you dropped just one little tear that night, I would have drove back in tears, okay!

But it's okay, it's not a goodbye, it's just 'See you later' eh? (One bear hug for you)

Now, the review part. (Wah so long ah the post?)

I give A for ambiance. English-themed interior deco, I guess. 
All white, me likey :)
*I'm not an interior designer by profession*

I had Chef Salad and Berry Cooler. I was quite full since I just had lunch.
Food wise, I have to say I'm a little bit disappointed. The food is a bit pricey, for the quality. I didn't try what others had, but from they were saying, the food wasn't that great. I took home a piece of their Red Velvet cake. Erm let just say, I've tasted better. I think they could have increased the portion to match with price they are charging. Just my opinion.

The cafe is quite small. I would say they could accommodate about 20-25 people at one time. You can see the whole of the dining area in this picture. Despite the whole food and price thing, I'm totally in love with the deco. It's a personalized cafe, the cafe spells its owner.

Oh I must say, the waiters are nice too. One of them even waited outside and offered to take our picture in front of the cafe. Just that he didn't take it with the signboard -___- Bummer!

Here's some info about the cafe (taken from their Facebook);

Little White Cafe
13-G-1, Jalan Medan PB 4A, Pusat Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650 Selangor
Operation hours: Tue-Sun; 8 am to 10 pm

Till we meet again :)
Congratulations on your engagement my dear Aisyah.