Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girly Weekend - Part 1


By now you should how 'tak boleh duduk diam' I am comes weekend. Last Saturday, I went on a road trip with the girls to Melaka. Yes, again. And actually, the places we visited, the food we ate, were exactly the same the last road trip. EXACTLY. But it doesn't matter if you have to do the same thing again and again, when you are doing it with your best friends.

We drove out of KL at 1 pm, after my test in Damansara. I told them to just go without me, since this was a day trip, I thought it'd be too late to go after 1. Things you do for friends- they were willing to wait for me, though it'd drag the trip to 1-2 am in the morning (we had so many eating places to visit!).

We reached Melaka at 3-ish, and our first stop was Jonker Walk! Went to Jonker88 to eat the famous laksa and cendol. Only during this second trip I realized that there are many other laksa/cendol outlets along the stretch, but people are willing to wait in the long lines for this particular one. I guess I can say we made the right choice.

Taken after we went back to Jonker Walk at night.

Saved my stomach the whole morning for this. 
But I remember it being better the last time I had it.

Oh my, I'm salivating just by looking at this. 
Nak cendol lagi!!

The crews. 
Coincidently Cik Wana had to attend a wedding in Jasin.
 Found her in Dataran Pahlawan and kidnapped her right away!

After touring the historic sites (not!) and Dataran Pahlawan (it's a mall btw), 
we went back to Jonker to eat lah what else :P

Calanthe Art Cafe! The interior deco is so artsy.

Hot brownie with ice cream!!

Sweet sweet sago with ice cream 

On the way out, I saw this. 
Rugi plak tak try, with me being laksa lover of all time.

A huge stage in the middle of nowhere.

What is a trip to Melaka without going to Umbai? Hehe
Just FYI, in case you guys are heading to Melaka anytime soon, there are three medan ikan bakar at the Umbai area-Alai, Umbai-Pernu(Umbai Lama) and Umbai Baru.
Yang banyak orang pergi, sampai parking tak muat-muat tu is Umbai-Pernu. 
And kedai yang kitaorang pergi ni, D'Muara. The first kedai.
*Fuuh talk like an 'insider' already. Sorry kalau salah orang Melaka sekalian*

See, same exact orders like last time! *If you read my dead blog lah that is*
Sotong tepung, ikan siakap-1/2 bakar, 1/2 masak masam manis, kailan ikan masin.

So, 3 cafe/restaurants from 3 pm to 10 pm. Kami memang suka makan. There were two other eatery we wanted to go to. I wanted to eat the sushi at this one small stall on Jonker Walk. Cik Zaf wanted to have this Arabian pizza we had last time. Thought of just tapau-ing them and eat while driving back. Guess we were too full we could vomit at the sight of anymore food. Haha. It's actually quite a crazy idea to 'khatam' 5 eateries given our limited time. We may be food lovers, but our stomachs are not that big you know. 

If we were to go to Melaka again, I know we would repeat the same cycle. That's why, girls, we should plan for Penang next! But first we have to make friends with one 'insider' dulu, baru senang nak pergi. An 'insider' is someone who knows the place well, know where good eateries are, know where to park the car with the least charge, and so on. So, any takers?

We headed back at 10.30 pm, all with sleepy eyes and bloated stomach *very dangerous*. As usual, I was the first one to doze off, sorry girls! Arrived in KL at 1 am, safe and sound. Special thanks to our drivers, Cik Hana and Cik Zaf. *Kalau nak harap I drive, dah ke laut kot. Yelah, belum pape dah tidur dulu. Sungguh tak guna*

The end of Part 1.

To be continued...


catt said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] Best Blogger Templates

best2..lame nyer x g melaka..

Adilah Rosli said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] Best Blogger Templates


best!! tp agak penat la pergi day trip. should've stayed longer :)

kak kauthar kat mana skrg?

catt said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] Best Blogger Templates

huhu..stayed sane 4 tahun pon still rase best bile g sane utk mkn2..hehehe..

skrang kt shah alam..keje kt R&D proton..hope can meet u & ur friend soon.