Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who next? Your mother.

It was an emotional evening.

Mama is leaving again, tomorrow. Sadly, none of us could send us to the airport except Ayah. I spent the weekend in Seremban, bermanja-manjaan with my mom. It always hard to see her go, even though we have been through it countless of time already. Mama left for Saudi Arabia when I was 14. It has been 9 years now. At one point, we even declared KLIA as our second home. My sister went to UPM Bintulu, Sarawak, and I went to the US. Dah hafal sangat jalan pegi KLIA tu.

On a bright side, this would be the last time we'll be sending Mama off. InsyALLAH in July, she will be back for good. And if God's willing, Mama will embark in her new journey, to achieve her lifetime dream. We are all working towards that now. More updates to come :)

Teringat lagi those early days when Mama first got there. People talked bad about us, about her leaving the family. The most popular question was, 'Takpe ke tinggal suami tu?' 'Tak takut suami kawin lain ke?' Soalan macam taik. Tak fikir ke it'd hurt my mom? Jawapan sarcastic Mama, 'Kalau duk sebumbung pun suami boleh kawin lain' Amik kau! *sorry tetibe emo* Biasalah kan jiran-jiran, memang takde kerja lain, selain dari jaga tepi kain orang. One thing I salute about my mom, she never bothered to bergossip gossip dengan jiran-jiran. Orang nak cakap apa pasal dia pun dia tak kesah. Dia pun takde masa nak cakap pasal orang. 

I still remember one senior asked me about my family when I first got to RIT. She was shocked to learn that all five of us, have not been under one roof for quite sometime. We lived in different places, even different continents. At that time, my father worked in Penang, sister in Putrajaya, brother in Ipoh. Lagi terkejut bila tahu my mom works in Saudi and leaves my dad alone here. She said something like, 'Tak baik tau tinggal suami sorang-sorang'. I couldn't care less. Dah immune. To my surprise, after so many years, she still remembers what I told her about my family. When I saw her sometime last year, she asked  me, 'Mak still dekat Arab ke?' And I simply said yes. I don't blame them people, they don't understand the circumstance that we were going through. I pun judgemental jugak kadang-kadang. :P

Those negativities aside, Mama is blessed with caring and understanding friends in Saudi. They always praise her for her awe*cough*some children. 'Wah untungnya you, you takde kat rumah pun anak-anak semua berhasil' That is one of the many good things that people say to my mom. We are always showered with gifts from Mama's friends for our achievement at school and college. Her juniors even call her 'Mama'. Most of the time, I am happy that I am able to share my mom with others. Tapi kadang-kadang jealous la jugak, like when Mama dapat hadiah birthday dari 'anak-anak' dia, and tak guna hadiah yang kitaorang kasi. Huhu. 

Walaupun Mama jauh beribu batu, we always feel like she's just an inch away. She calls and skype/ym us every single day. Sedangkan keluarga yang duduk sebumbung pun, anak dia boleh jadi pencuri- that's what always said. It comes down to good parenting. Tak kisah lah duduk jauh-jauh pun, tapi if you have good parenting skills, insyALLAH eloklah anak-anak tu.

OK dah panjang lebar dah ni. Thanks for reading. I'm a little emotional tonight. 

Oh enjoy the song :) Sayangilah ibu bapa anda sementara mereka masih ada. Jangan nak malu-malu cakap 'I love you Ma, I love you Ayah'. Cakap kat girlfriend/boyfriend tak segan plak kan. Sekeh satgi. Mari kita tukar habit itu okayh?

Inilah dia Mama saya yang comel :)