Sunday, February 27, 2011


Depressing entry. You have been reminded.

I wish I have a remote control for 'my life'. At this exact moment, I really want to hit that 'Fast Forward' button and go to 'my life' five years from now. I feel like 'my life' has been moving super slow these days, with so many uncertainties. I HATE uncertainties. Being a control freak that I am, I always want everything to be in order. Tetapi, kita hanya boleh merancang, Allah yang akan menentukan.

How do you see yourself in 5 years? (Soalan standard job interview)

Paragraph seterusnya bakal menunjukkan betapa kuat berangannya si penulis.

In five years, I wish to have completed my PhD, have permanent income, and have settled down someplace I can call home. Hopefully, also, I would have been married to my soulmate. Aiceh. I'd be 28 years old in 5 years, if I'm not married by then, I would freak out. Mama apetah lagi, risau anak tak laku. Huhu. Maybe a child would be the cherry on top :))) *tamat paragraph berangan*

Why am I rambling here? Because I feel like there's nothing certain about my life right now. I'm really worried if I'm ever gonna get a real job, and when I'd ever move to the next level in my career ladder. I'm in the process of applying to further my studies, but some people have not been cooperative. I'm quite frustrated with how people run things in this country. I know you might have something important on your plate right now, but please bear in mind, this is also part of your job, and other people's future depend on you. 

To you decision-makers out there, do you really need 3 freaking months to get things moving? Can't you have your meetings every month, instead of once in 3 months? What's up with the system here? First, you don't reply our e-mails, then when you finally reply, you say you are sorry because the meeting is postponed, and you have to wait for another 3 months for the next meeting. At the end of the meeting, you reply and say sorry again, you don't have any more funds because they have been fully utilized. Seriously people, if this is how you do things, sampai kiamat Malaysia tak maju. (Sorry, tetibe jadi emo gila)

Patience is definitely not my virtue.

Sorry for the emo-ish entry. Every time I hang out with my RIT buddies, we'll definitely talk about our future. So yeah, you get the drill. 

Enough ramble for the night. Toodles!