Friday, February 18, 2011


The last entry in my deceased blog was on January 11. So what have I been up to from January 11 till today?

Let me check my calendar...Yes I keep a calendar. What? You don't? Uuu that's not good. Girls especially, you HAVE to keep a calendar because of you-know-what. Make sure to mark it every month. You know the doctors favorite question to the ladies, don't ya? OK kalau stakat selsema takkan doctor nak tanya 'Bile last period awak?' What if it's more than a selsema, but less than a pregnancy? Something in between those. MUST.KEEP.A.CALENDAR.

OK I'm digressing. Snap!

I had awesome weeks, when my blog decided to kill itself. Wait, no, I killed it. Too bad, I could have updated my awesome weeks in the blog. Now it's too late, cerita dah basi nyah. But just to name a few:

Gotong royong @ Pondok Penyayang Raudhah, Batu 11 Gombak
Actually I could open up a new entry just for this, tapi takpelah, kasi sneak peek dulu. Tengoklah kalau rajin nanti. So, one fine day, I got a Facebook invitation from Sekreteriat KULN to join this event, organized by Kelab UMNO New South Wales. Masa tu memang sangap gila nak buat community service, sekali peluang datang bergolek depan mata, join je lah even though tak kenal sesape pun. Langsung. Gamble je pegi. Turned out they are a cool bunch of dudes and dudettes, we clicked in an instance. Went there second time the following week untuk pasang tikar getah dan interrogated the penghuni. Nak cerita lebih-lebih pasal PPR, nanti-nantilah ek. Panjang ceritanya.

Hiking @ Broga Hills
More to climbing actually. Come to think of it, what is the difference between hiking and climbing? Malas nak Google. Any help here? Anyways, went climbing the Aussie kids + Bulan and the family(Alina's ex-schoolmate whom I met at Midwest last year).  Semput nyah, tapi best! Great first experience. Kinabalu next? Sile gelak. Memang nak berlawak di situ. Nak tengok sunrise, tapi matahari malu, menyorok belakang awan. Took few pictures of the sun and the cloud and everything in between. Obviously. What else would Nur Adilah be doing?

All 3 photos tak pro snapped by me, edited by AzrilAzizi
Aizat Live in Damansara @ Wisma Bentley
Great first experience! Outstanding performance by Aizat. Great company. Great food. Awesome night! 

Tak pasal-pasal jadi Aizoner :D
Mama's home!
But leaving in two days. Sob3. She'll be back for good in July, InsyaALLAH. Kalau nak cerita all the hardships and gossips we as family went through while Mama was there, boleh bukak satu entry baru. I'm gonna spare you guys the drama. Save it for later.

Sons' of Adam Family Day @ Pulai Springs Resort, JB
It's an annual event for family on Ayah's side. I am not sure how long has it been but we have it every year, without fail. We just had one last June. We went to Port Dickson just after I touched down at KLIA. Sungguh semangat. All in all, I had a great time with the big family. Ate like there's no tomorrow, balik-balik family day demam batuk selsema seminggu. Amik kau.

Family trip back to Ipoh kesayangan
See, since I got back last June, I went back to Ipoh maybe two times, sekali bulan puasa and sekali time raya. Sebak doh bila you go back to where you grew up, memang dramatic habis. Walaupun bukan rumah kampung yang ada ayam itik sawah padi ladang getah, but it's still the place I have lived for 23 minus some years. It was a plus, because all five of us went back together. Susah nak dapat tu. Went shopping as family, and later had dinner. Memang dah lama gila tak shopping lima orang complete. Last time maybe time ermm entah lama sangat. 

That's pretty much a whole month worth of update. I am blessed with loving and caring family and friends. Thank you Allah for such beautiful people in my life. I am forever grateful.

p/s: Looking forward to meeting Athirah and Pao in the near future. Miss you girls :(