Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things you would do for a friend/friends

So my Aussie friends are returning to school this week. They are organizing our last gathering tomorrow night - last visit to PPR, then bowling at Midvalley, then steamboat dinner somewhere in Setapak.

I wanna join so badly, at least the dinner part of the whole gathering, because I will only see them again next year, if they decided to come back during summer lah. Thing is, me being a noob driver, I have been contemplating this whole day to on whether I should drive there, or take a train or what. I will probably take the whole morning tomorrow also to decide whether I am going or not. Sigh. I really wish I'm a pro.

Excuse me for thinking out loud. 

If I were to drive, it's a whole new route for me, which means, I am bound to be sesat somewhere. Setiap kali try jalan baru, confirm sesat, confirm akan berhenti at least once asking for direction. Also, I have to beat the jam.

If I were to take the train, which I think what I would probably do tomorrow, I need someone to pick me up and bring me to the makan place, and send me back afterwards. Thing is, taknak susahkan orang, plus, I am sure eating steamboat will take more than 2 hours, which means I have to rush to catch the last train. Sigh. Perkataan malam ini ialah "which".

But whatever it is, I have to make do on whatever means I have to get there, because there are things you would do for a friend/friends. I know my other friends have sacrificed a lot for me e.g Nany and Wana selalu kena take bus from Kuantan to KL just to join my weekend plan. They could have stayed in Kuantan, do their assignments and whatnot, but they come down anyway, for friends. Get what I mean?

If I were to drive tomorrow, I will be impressed with myself. Memang habis berani lah tu. Bilalah nak berani drive area KL ni???? Sigh.

So, what were the things you have done/sacrificed for your friends? 

Drove all the way from Johor to Penang to visit him/her at the hospital?

Belanja your friends at a super fancy restaurant just because your friends want to bully you
on your first salary?

Forked out your own money to save them from ah long?

Tu sume memang kawan sejati la kan. I ni stakat nak drive g KL dah kecoh kat sini :P 
Maafkan daku kerana begitu pengecut rakan-rakan. Slowly k. Nanti I pandai lah drive :)

We'll see what happens tomorrow.


Enriuel said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] Best Blogger Templates

Ya Allah,kau berilah kekuatan dan ketengangan kepada si dla bagi mengatasi ketakutan dan kekalutan dia untuk drive di Kl. Ameen.
see u next week!!