Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Have you ever felt like ditching the plan you made with your friends, because somewhere along planning that outing, either you messed up, or your friends messed up or somebody else messed up? You felt so lazy to get up, to drive, to shower, to dress up, you simply have no mood whatsoever to go out you started making tonnes of excuses why you couldn't make it? But you went anyway, because you didn't want to upset your friend, because you promised your friend that you would turn up, or simply because you love your friend you didn't want to let him/her down. At the end of the day, it was an awesome outing, you had so much fun, you forgot that you almost missed it because of your stupid mood swings.

Fuuuuhhhh...that's a long introduction. You get what I mean, kan?

I had my share last weekend.

I will spare you from all the drama. Long story short, everybody messed up. Most important thing is, despite all the dramas, I managed to go on with the plan, and I had a great time :)

I volunteered for JBM 3, and on Sunday we brought the kids to Petrosains. Oh memories! I used to volunteer there for 3 months last year. I was supposed to help out on Saturday as well, but I had this family gathering in the evening, so I didn't want to rush for it, so I passed on volunteering for that day (I got my surprise party at the gathering!! Will post about it later).

I spent the day mostly with Tira actually, seemed like I volunteered for her, not JBM, haha. I met some of my Petrosains colleagues and good thing they still remember me, even though I was there for just a short while :))) Oh Tira and I me our long lost mutual friend, Pean. She's volunteering there as well, before she flies of to UK for her clinical years. Fate works in some weird ways sometimes. I knew Pean quite well then, compared to Tira, even though Pean was in a different program, and Tira and I were in the same program (all three of us studied at INTEC for our foundation programs).

After Petrosains visit, we headed to the KLCC park to have our packed lunch. While waiting for the food, guess what we did? Camwhoring! Haha what else, meh? Plus we got a nice view of the towers, we just couldn't miss that, right? I'd love it more if it is at night, with all the lights glittering the towers.

There was a little bit of a twist that day. We were supposed to head over to Shah Alam right after lunch for presentation session. But Tira had bought these Skybridge tickets as a gift to her friend who is going to pursue her PhD in Aussie this year. Too bad, her friend and family couldn't make it that day. We couldn't go on any other day because the tickets were fixed for Sunday, at 2 pm. We could easily bypassed the tickets, because they cost only RM3 each, but then Tira had asked Arif, the Petronas engineer guy to get them for her earlier. So macam sayang pulak nak burn macam tu je. So we decided to us the tickets for ourselves :)) And off we went up up and above! 

Actually it was my second time; my first time was when I had my volunteer training session last year. Tira could have gone with somebody else, but because she loves me so much, I just had to follow her :P It was a brief visit - 7-minutes video screening, 40 secs elevator ride up, 15 minutes visit on the bridge, and 40 secs elevator ride down. Btw, the bridge is at Level 41 (Sorry no photos of the sceneries up there, we did took some but Tira didn't send me those). More or less, plus waiting time, it was just a 30-minutes visit. We managed to drive back to Shah Alam, and made it in time for the kids' presentations. Along the way to Shah Alam, we had a heart-to-heart talk; it was so refreshing. Haven't had such a talk with her for such a long time :) Thanks dear for listening :))

JBM ended at 6. Since the place is close to the Les Copaque office (if you don't know what/who Les Copaque does/is, sila tekup muka dengan selimut sekarang! They are Upin Ipin producer lahh!!), we went to the office and snapped a few pictures. Haha. Actually it was Kak Shu's (Tira's friend from MGI) idea, she loves the botak kids to bits; so we had to tag along since Tira was the only one with camera (I brought mine, tapi malas nak ambil gambar huhu). And later, we had quick bites at Geng's Corner, a restaurant owned by Les Copaque, just across their office. Did a quick post-mortem, and it was Maghrib by then, so off we went.

JBM 3 kids with the organizer and volunteers. Form 4 kids of SMK Seksyen 16, Shah Alam.

As decided during the post-mortem, JBM will take a break for a while, as the organizer, Hamidah needs to revise the modules and plan for better JBM next time. However, she will be available as 'penceramah' for JBM if anyone would want to use her service and expertise.

So back to what I said in the intro..

I dreaded waking up that Sunday morning, no, not because of you Tira, because of what happened to the planning and all, and it's not your fault , don't get me wrong okay? It was more of me battling with my moods and questioning my intentions.

But at the end of the day, I had a lot of fun, laughed a lot, talked a lot and helped a little bit :P But I do hope that the kids did gain something out of the two-day program. Now I can't wait to join KULN NY-NJ Summer Camp in Hulu Langat next month :)

Till then, au revoir! 

p/s: Pictures credit to Tira.