Saturday, June 11, 2011

The girl with A LOT of dreams.

Or more precisely, a lot of ANGAN-ANGAN..(What is angan-angan in English? I asked Erin but she doesn't know sheeesh)

Thinker or executor?

I think I'm the former. I like to let my mind linger, think about all sort of things. But at the end of the day, nothing is done, or shall I say 'not done YET'. In other words, saya seorang yang kuat berangan, tapi tak buat apa-apa pun untuk capai angan-angan tu. 

Jangan gelak okay dengar kisah angan-angan ni. Who knows one day I'll realize one or two, if not all? Berangan, tak salah, asalkan tahu bertempat *pasang lagu Jay Jay* Taktahulah my angan-angan ni bertempat ke tak, you tell me.

1. When I got back to Malaysia last year, I was jobless for quite a while. So I thought maybe I could do some volunteer work. I thought of teaching English to kids at the centre I used to go last time. I even thought of the method of teaching I'd be using, which is through music and lyrics. Personally, I learn a lot from reading and listening to music, and not from the school syllabus. The only time I think I really learn English was when I studied at INTEC. Teaching English using music sounds like fun, no? Past tense, present tense, future tense - boringggggg hahaha.

2. After I joined the first 'Jom Belajar Matematik', my 'berangan' gene started to kick in. I imagined myself being a tuition teacher. I even asked for tips from a friend of mine who is one! I was at the point where I could drive to the bookstore first thing in the morning to get some reference books to study about what I'm going to teach. At first I thought maybe I could start with giving free tuition to my cousins, and the later, seeing how AWESOME of a teacher I am, they would ask their friends to join in and I'd start getting paid for it. Hahaha. That thought kinda got flushed away after a while, but it didn't just stop there. I then thought of doing it in Putrajaya instead, here at my apartment complex, because traveling to KL to teach could be a hassle. A lot of thought was put into this, kan? Hahaha saya suka berfikir jauh :P

3. I fancy creative stuff, but I myself is lacking in that department. Zaman sekolah dulu, I liked to go Jusco and stood in front of these shelves of colored papers and deciding what colors to buy because really I felt like buying them all.

Picture from Google.

And then when I went to the States, I came to know this store called Michaels. That's heaven of artsy stuff in there. They have everything-flowers, cards, frames, party stuff, baking and sewing stuff, decorative items, just name it! The scrapbooking section is to die for! Papers, stickers, scrapbook stuff, pens, ribbons, beads ooh macam-macam lah. You can leave me there the whole day I won't mind. Just remember to pick me up later :P

I got myself a scrapbook kit during my first year; thought of making it like a 'travelogue scrapbook', where I would put all pictures, tickets, memorabilia of the places I visited. It went well....but only for two places I visited in my first year - Chicago and New York City. Let's just say, the interest died off after that. Haha

Inside Michaels store. Picture from Google.

Then, sometime in 2009, I found a blog whose author sells handmade cards. You know what comes next, right? I wanted to be handmade card makers too! Hahaha I've lived with handmade cards since high school. My BFFs are a bunch of creative people, we always exchange handmade cards/notes during birthdays and other events. 

Zaf gave me the card before I left to the States, and Nany gave me one for my 20th birthday.

So last Spring, I was being so rajin and made two birthday cards for dear friends of mine, Sakina and Jiji. Too bad I don't keep pictures of the cards I made. I think they turned out pretty good :P (Self-praise is no praise, eh? Hihi) I still want to make handmade cards though. I just need time..and, a store like Michaels in Malaysia. Do you guys know of any? I know Papier at The Curve, but haven't got a chance to spend time there. I'd like to think that I'm creative, when the reality is, I am NOT! Haha.

Okay okay, I promise this is the last one. Hahaha

4. This is the ultimate angan-angan ever! One that I wish I will fulfill in the future. I want to OPEN A CAFE!! A cute pink and white cafe on the block. My cafe will have cupcakes, pastries, snacks, quick meals, smoothies, coffee (even though I'm not a fan), chocolate drinks and many more! Typical menu of a cafe. I even have a name for it, which I'm not gonna tell. Malu :P 

I am not a good cook, or a baker, NOW, but I promise I will slowly learn and become very good at both and make this dream of mine come true! Pray for me, please? If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. My muse is the DC cupcakes sisters, owner of Georgetown Cupcake, Washington. Love the show! Oh and also Wondermilk Cafe here in Damansara.

All pictures from Google.

There you go! I've just revealed my life secrets right there. The girl with A LOT OF ANGAN-ANGAN. Don't use them against me later, kay? 

Everyone can..

dream dream dream

*pasang lagu All I Have to Dream, Everly Brothers* :))))

Thanks for reading my angan-angan. May I know yours? Hihi