Wednesday, June 22, 2011



I'm 23 years and 1 week old today!!! Yay me!!

Oh my, it took me one week to post this entry. I'm getting lazier by the day, not a good sign :(

So anyways, my birthday was exactly one week ago, on June 15. I celebrated my birthday three times this year, before, on the day and after. I'm blessed with loving people around me, who threw me surprises, wished me and all. Thank you everyone! I definitely felt the love!

So on June 11, my auntie had asked all of us to gather at Restoran Nelayan, Titiwangsa because she received a bonus and wanted to treat everyone dinner. It was a normal family dinner, where everyone chatted and updated about each other's lives. Oh, something extra during this family gathering, my other auntie (Acu) and 3 my cousins brought their brand new Samsung Tablet and Ipad 2. So yeah, there were about 20+ of us, busy trying out the new gadgets. Obviously I had no inkling that they were going to threw me a surprise, but then I caught my cousin Hakimi distributing party hats to people behind my back. Oh before that, Acu suddenly came to my table and asked me to play with her tablet. I was like, 'Okay, see what else I can do to your FB (I helped her created FB account earlier)'. And then they started singing and a cake popped out! I was touched, but only a little surprise because I already saw Hakimi with the hats. Spoiler! Haha. Oh the cake, was scrumptious! It was Chocolate Chip Walnut from Secret Recipe. I've never tried it before, I didn't even know it existed until that day. The mastermind was, none other than my lovely CC. Thank you CC! This is the second year my extended family threw me a surprise party. Last year, right after I landed at KLIA from the US, I went straight to our Family Day @ Port Dickson. They surprised me there, as well. Good timing, eh? Tee hee hee.

Second surprise came on the day of birthday. The night before, somebody claimed he forgotten that it was my birthday. I totally believed him given the circumstances we had previously. Sedih jugak lah, of all people I didn't expect him to not remember my birthday *hoi Dila who do you think you are???!!* The next day, one courier guy came to the office. When I saw it was parcel I quickly shrieked 'Ha, XX beli ape ni??' XX is my colleague. Normally we only receive documents for the company, if it is parcel, it must be XX's because she online-shopped a lot. Hihi. But then the courier guy uttered, 'Happy Birthday to you (he was reading the wrapper)' and I was like 'Eehhh it's for me!' And when I saw his name on the consignment form, I just couldn't stop smiling! He was just acting last night! Boy, was he a good actor! I know you are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH :) ! 

On Friday, I went to meet up with my keks at KLCC. Initial plan was to meet on Wednesday. I thought I could tell Chili's it's my birthday, mana tahu dapat complimentary meal ke, drink ke, cake ke. Hihi tak maluuuu >.< But then Kekya couldn't make it on Wednesday so we went on Friday instead. Again, I swear I had no inkling that they were going to surprise me. Apparently they were playing all along with me while waiting for everyone to arrive. Kekny picked her phone and said, 'Ha Ita, bla bla bla.. (Ita is Kekny's sister)' Turned out, it wasn't Ita, it was Kekngah! They were planning the last details of the surprise. Kekngah and Kekny pura-pura datang lambat, rupanya they were already in KLCC busy buying cakes and balloons! And Kekya had to distract me, no wonder she never said no whenever I wanted to enter this store lah, that store lah. The best part was when the Chili's crews sang the birthday song. Even bila dengar diorang nyanyi, I didn't think it was for me, until they reached our table with the cake and balloon. Oh you should hear them singing, one guy agaknya penat sangat kot, mungkin dah nyanyi kali ke-44 that day, his voice, kuat gila garau gila macam suara harimau nyanyi birthday song. Haha. I really had fun that night. Thanks girls! Kekna and Kekwa, even though you guys were not physically there, I could feel your spirits. Hihi 

Again, thanks everyone who wished, yang doakan saya panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan lain-lain. Terima kasih banyak-banyak. I had a great birthday this year because of all of you :))