Monday, February 6, 2012

I am generally a happy person. I believe, to be happy, it must come from you - how you shape your life, the decisions you make on a daily basis. It shouldn't depend on the surrounding, the people around you, the weather, how much money you have in your pocket yada yada yada.

I'd like to share these few tips with you about how I make myself happy, which you probably know already :P

1. Express love to your loved ones

I do this all the time, especially to my family and close friends. I go on Skype with my mom almost everyday. 'Sayang Adik' 'Sayang Mama' 'Love you Ma' 'Love you too baby' are common phrases to end our conversation.

Now, it's different with my father because he just doesn't talk very much. But whenever he passes Mama talking to me, he would stop and say, 'Hi baby!'. Yes, my parents still call me baby and I don't care at all, because that's how they show their love to me. And I love being 'gedik' with my dad by saying 'Love you Dadi' instead of the usual 'Ayah'.

I know a lot of people are finding it hard to express their love to their parents, which I find weird. Well I know you would say, 'Not saying I love you doesn't mean we love our parents any less than you do'. Yes I agree, but why can't you say it? Some say it's difficult because their parents don't really show/say/express it, so they feel shy to do the same. Well to me it should be a breeze, because I believe those love expressions are easily uttered when we were small. But why not now? What makes it so difficult? Weird, isn't it? I really wanna know why, if you could tell me in the comment box. 

With my close friends, sometimes we don't go by our names, but by 'Darling' 'Yang' 'Dear' 'Sayang' instead. It might seem small to you, but it makes a lot of difference, seriously. We feel more close, more intimate with each other. And with that it lets us to trust each other more. I really don't know how to explain this, but you should try. It's magic :P We don't have problems with saying 'Love you' or hugging each other (errr kissing to some small extent LOL). I know some people who are not comfortable being all 'mushy' with their friends, even best friends. Some people just don't like the 'touchy touchy' feelings. I guess you have to open up a little :P

Same goes to your crush. I know some of us girls are a little conventional about confessing to the guy. But hey, Imam Muda Asyraf pun cakap jodoh kena cari. It's not like you see a guy you like and you go to him and say, 'Hey I like you!'. There's so many ways around it. You can still be conventional, but with a little wit :P

Bottom line is, the more you express the love you have in your heart, it becomes bigger, and that allows you to have more room for love for other people. I hold the principle that, 'Life is short. If you don't say it now, you'll probably regret it once you lose that person because no one can be sure what could happen tomorrow'.

But you don't have to take my word for it, try it yourself. First with your parents :P Kalau kat crush/bf/gf beria cakap I love you I miss you bagai, but shy to say those to your parents, memang nak kena!!!

2. Celebrate little things in life.

I love to celebrate little things in life. I reward myself every time I achieve something, big or small. And the reward does not necessarily mean I have create a hole in my pocket, sometimes a bar of chocolate or a red velvet cupcake would do the trick :P

Being somewhat a joyful person, I love celebrations, of any kind - birthdays, parties, weddings, gatherings, reunions, a simple makan-makan, or even just an outing. It's hard for me to say 'No' because those mean 'happy time' for me so why should I avoid it?

To those wondering why I made a big fuss for not being able to attend my friends' weddings, or a kenduri of any kind, my answer is simple. It's not always we get to see and experience these beautiful things in life, and being someone who love celebrations, of course it's sad for me to not be able to come. But I am aware that this is the price I have to pay for being here, so takpelah, saya pasrah. InsyALLAH there'll be others that I could attend, kalau panjang umur. To my friends who are getting married this year, please know that I want to come so badly, but circumstances are not permitting :(

Actually there a few more I'd like to share, but this entry is longer that I intended it to be. Just two for now then :)

Let's log on to :)))