Saturday, February 4, 2012

1-month lunch challenge.


Ehem ehem

I am proud to announce that...

I completed the challenge with success!!

Now, the next challenge is to sustain it.

InsyALLAH I will always remind myself that I can always make something better than forking out 2.50 pound for a sandwich :P

You guys should take on this challenge too! Reduce those calories from all the nasi campur you eat during lunch. *I tak jeles okayh :P*

Since I started my PhD, I have always wanted to bring lunch to work everyday. During my first week here, majority of my colleageous brought their own food and ate at the pantry. Then when I went down to get food for myself, there were very limited choices, I mean, what do you expect to get in a hospital's cafeteria. Actually I just went to a small snack shop two floors down my department, as the real cafeteria is located quite far away. So, again, what do you expect to get in a snack shop? The closest thing to 'lunch' I can get is a sandwich or a salad or a jacket potato (baked potato). They don't even sell soups! *Now I miss RIT SAU Cafe*

So from then on I tried to bring something, most of the time it was leftover from dinner. I thought of waking up early in the morning to make something, but the weather is not permitting *kaitan??* Of course ada kaitan, when it's cold it's so hard to get up in the morning, hence no time to make lunch. LOL.

But true what people say, when you plan on doing something, you would end up not doing it. Came new year, suddenly my brain just tricked my body into waking up early and just like that, my body went down the stairs and started making lunch and ate breakfast at the same time. It's been three days now *baru 3 hari duuhh* and I already feel proud of myself *allow a little vanity please*

Come to think of it, I better off bring my own lunch, first because there aren't much choice *if we have nasi campur here, I wouldn't even have thought about this entry*, and second, it's much cheaper. OK fine, two out of the three days I brought sandwiches. But still, my version of sandwich is 5 times better than what they have in the snack shop-I get to put whatever I want (compared to tuna, egg and prawn sandwiches I could get from the shop) with a much much cheaper price. A tuna sandwich downstairs cost 2.50 pound, whereas if I'm making a meatloaf sandwich, it'll probably be just 1 pound or even less. There's a trick that my housemate taught me - always hunt for reduced items. Here, everything that's getting close to the expiry date, the supermarket will reduce the price of the item. Last time we bought a loaf of bread for just 10 pence (cent), and the bread hasn't gone bad until now, one week after its expiry date. They do that (reducing the price) out of formality, I guess, because things here don't go bad as easily as they would have in the climate like Malaysia's.

So yeah, back to the point of this entry *Boy, I talk so much*

I am now challenging myself to bring lunch for the whole month, without fail. Other than saving money, it's also to test my creativity to come up with different meal every morning and also a test of preserverance LOL. I shall report the results of this challenge on *checking calendar* Tuesday, February the first. Kalau gagal don't ejek me, okay? Kat atas cakap jangan plan, now dah plan pulak. We will see :)

My lunch on Thursday: Meatloaf sandwich, clementine orange and Ferrero Rocher :P


binawahid said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] Best Blogger Templates

Dila! Bina here, kawan Pao from Penn State. Anyways, just wanted to let u know I link your blog at mine's. So senang to read your blog instead of going to Pao's first! ahaha. Anyways, I too plan to bring lunch to work everyday :)

Adilah Rosli said... Best Blogger Tips [Reply to comment] Best Blogger Templates

hi bina! ive been ur silent reader too hi hi hi. i'll link u up as well. dlu malu2 kucing. :P