Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's cookin'? - Ep 6


During my last sleepover with Kekna and Kekngah, Kekna made us wake up early in the morning to go to Tesco. She wanted to cook Spaghetti Aglio Olio for us. Pergi Tesco tak mandi uols, buruk perangai haha. Yelah, malam tu baru balik dari day trip pergi Melaka, sampai rumah at 1 am, tidur dekat pukul 3 am. By 9, semua dah bangun. Konon dah terbiasa bangun pagi sebab pergi kerja :P

I think it was my first time having Aglio Olio and boy was it delicious!

So earlier this week I kinda craved for it, but only got the chance to cook it yesterday.

So you need...

Pasta (I think any kind would do, this time I used Angel Hair)
Large prawns
Dried chilies
Ground black pepper
Parmesan cheese
Black pepper sausage
Olive oil

FYI, Aglio means garlic and Olio means olive oil, in Italian. So the basis of the recipe are garlic and oil. And if you haven't noticed, ini bukan pasta yang ada gravy. It's rather dry. But since I am a cheapskate yang kedekut nak melabur RM19.90 for a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, I substituted it with butter. So it's Aglio Burro Pasta tee hee hee.


1. Heat olive oil in a pan
2. Once heated, saute garlic until golden
3. Add prawns, sausages, and dried chillies (soak your dried chillies in hot water for a bit before adding to the pan)
4. Sprinkle ground black pepper and parmesan cheese
5. Add pasta
6. Add more parmesan cheese and black pepper to your liking
7. Pasta is then ready to serve
8. If you like, you can drizzle olive oil over your pasta before serving


Happy trying :P