Thursday, July 21, 2011

She's back!

Who's back?

My mom is back!


InsyaALLAH, and Alhamdulillah.

So the 5 of us, no actually the 6 us *baby in the belly* went to the airport yesterday to welcome Mama home. It was such an endurance test okay; Mama was supposed to touch down at 2 pm, but her flight was delayed so she touched down at 2.30 pm. We were standing from 2.30 pm till almost 4 pm *ok I know I'm being a spoiled brat berdiri sejam setengah pun nak kecoh*. We didn't want to find a place to sit because Mama could have gone out anytime. So yeah.

Oh, the night before I made a cheap double sided banner. Hihi. *Memang jimat kos*

That's my brother. Wah it's his first appearance in the blog. Hi Gems Angah!

Btw, not to menconteng arang to his face, but actually dia yang ajak camwhore ni. Haha. Bosan habis lettuwww. *Bahasa rempit dah keluar. Bahaya*

And there she is!!!!

A beaming smile :)

We were expecting more than this. Apparently Mama had to leave one of her luggages to her friend in Saudi because she had exceeded the weight limit!! Haha. Typical Mama. Itupun ada lagi selori benda she sent by cargo.

The other side of the banner :D

Alhamdulillah, I'm so glad that she's back. She told her friends in SA, 'It was my youngest's request to have me come home. She said 'cukup-cukup la tu''. Perggghh I don't dare watching the whole speech they recorded in her camera. I could cry a river. It was a very emotional moment for her, and also her close friends there. I'm gonna cry because I'd feel like I am the one who's breaking them up :(( She was very very happy there, with the Holy Makkah being just 45 minutes from where she stayed. It took me several months to adapt after coming home from the US. I don't think Mama will ever move on. She was there for 9 years, and the greatest thing was she could easily visit the Kaabah anytime she wanted to. Even I don't think I'll ever move on if I were in her shoes. I am just hoping I could give her the best, now that she's back. 


Moving on.

I am blogging at the most random place -  a cooking academy.

Mama ialah seorang yang tidak kenal erti penat. 

She just arrived yesterday, and today she insisted in going for this Raya cookies class. Me being unemployed and a faithful child *angkat bakul masuk sendiri*, is the supir chauffeuse *glamor sikit* for the day! And tomorrow! And maybe the day after tomorrow too! And maybe Sunday too! Haha

See? My mom is an iron lady. She wants to join classes on 4 consecutive days. I don't think she can spell  L.E.T.I.H or P.E.N.A.T.

Right now I am waiting for her to finish her class at 6. Chup it's 6 now. Err 7, I guess? This remind me of the time when my mom had to wait for my sister to finish her tuition class, under a tree, under the scorching sun! Last time she drove a car with no air-conditioner, so it was better for her to wait outside rather than inside the car. Now it's a 360 turn. It's my turn to drive Mama around and wait for her until she finishes her classes. But it wasn't even close to what she experienced before. I am waiting for Mama in an air-conditioned lounge, with a laptop and WiFi connection. 

Pengorbanan ibu, memang takkan terbalas. Ever! But I'm trying my best, to give her the very best. 

Tadi, on the way to the academy, we got lost. I key-ed in 'Jalan Reko' in the GPS, little that I know Jalan Reko is a long stretch of road. Jane *my GPS* took us to the middle of ladang kelapa sawit, which is on Jalan Reko. -____- Mama's class was supposed to start at 3, but we arrived at 3.30. Rasa guilty gila sebab buat Mama missed first 30 mins of the class. Kalau dulu, kalau Mama lambat sikit, dah mengamuk gila dah.

'Mama niii, kenapa lambattt!'
'Mama ni, orang dah tunggu kasjweawdaksnc02948398r9csxnzpv8ck'

Such an ungrateful child -___-

Tapi Mama, cool je dalam kereta. Sikit pun tak marah. Siap baca doa-doa lagi nak kasi tak sesat. :)))

Moral of the story, janganlah derhaka kepada ibu anda, kerana syurga di tapak kaki ibu.
Moral yang kedua, berbaktilah selagi boleh kepada ibu bapa anda. I'm trying my best, and you guys should too :))

Curi-curi tangkap gambar Mama tengah belajar. *Nampak macam dia lak cikgunye hihi*

The End.


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