Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ring Galore


Hi blogosphere~

It's been awhile. 

Watched Harry Potter today! Oh man, even I felt sad that it is the last one. I can't imagine how those hardcore fans feel about it. I must say this last installment is the best of all. I don't remember giggling to jokes in the previous ones. This last one has it all. 


Such a butter finger I have. I keep losing my rings! Last weekend I went strolling at the mall with Pao and the girls, and found this whole ring shelves in Parkson. Oh we were jumping all over! (exaggeration) 

So today, we went again and told ourselves WE.MUST.GET.ONE! Thing is, it was so hard to CHOOSE.ONLY.ONE. I had my eyes on these four, and guess which one I bought? Thank you Pao for giving me the RM10 voucher. Hihi. I am one happy girl :) *I still wish to buy another three, though. Talking about being greedy and unnecessary. Sigh*

Pic credit to Pao.

Toodles, for now!

P/S: I am yet to post about the Relay For Life event I participated last weekend.