Saturday, June 4, 2016

Anything for the sake of knowledge.

This post is long overdue, and I have to thank my mentor, Dr. Azizan Osman for finally making me write this post.

After much deliberation between me and H about going to any DAO's seminars, we finally settled for IMKK (Intensif Magnet Kejayaan dan Kekayaan) back in December 2015. Before that, while we were in the UK, we would watch DAO's videos on Facebook while having our meals (sebab situlah ruang tamu, situlah dining area, situlah office). Then we thought why not balik Malaysia nanti we go for his seminar. At that time, we went with zero expectation. We actually didn't know exactly why we went. Konon masa tu rasa business Kedai 1UK was doing well, we as a couple were doing well, so pergi IMKK macam just to test the water. Little that we knew, IMKK really opened up our minds about everything - life, business, connection with Allah and so many other things. 

We learned a lot from IMKK, but I must say we were not really good students because from 1000 things DAO taught us, we probably just practiced 1%, and one of them was to hire a permanent staff for K1UK. Before this, it was us who did EVERYTHING, from replying messages, taking orders, packing etc. Thank God we have H's family to help with the orders distribution once the items arrive in Malaysia. So whenever we went for a holiday or something, K1UK page would be unattended, which meant no sales. But Alhamdulillah things start to change once we hired the new admin. I must say she is a good one :) The best thing is, we gotta help add value to her life because she was unwillingly dismissed from her job. Since then, we got to go jalan-jalan or pergi kenduri without worrying about our beloved customers.

Why do I only share about us going to IMKK now? Ha, this is one of the 99% of ilmu yang DAO ajar but I didn't really practice. I still listened to 'suara budak kecik' or 'biawak biawak' kat luar sana yang made me skeptical to share about my experience. I thought nanti mesti orang ingat poyo ke ape ke, plus DAO pun ada controversies jugak kan..if you know what I mean. 

But after going to MMM (Millionaire Marketing Mastery) last week, things changed! I said to myself, no more hiding. I am gonna say it out loud that DAO is my mentor, and HE IS THE BEST MENTOR anyone could ask for. We paid for MMM right after IMKK ended, and were supposed to go to the January session. But something came up during that time, I think it was multiple friends' weddings during the weekend that we decided to postpone to another session. Then there was one in March, and we had to skip that one as well, I think sebab wedding jugak. Since we lived in the UK for 4 years and didn't get a chance to attend many family and friends' weddings, so it was payback time. Alhamdulillah we managed to go the May session (initially they said there is only one MMM session per year, I guess DAO just want to help more and more people hence more sessions).

I was 37+ weeks pregnant then and even I thought I could not last the whole time. Dah siap plan dengan H we might need to book a hotel room so that I could rest while he continued with the seminar. Mind you, IMKK and MMM are a three-days seminar, with the first two days being ~15 hours long (9 am to roughly midnight) and the last day from 9 am to about 6 pm. Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan, 15 jam duduk atas kerusi takde sakit pinggang, cuma kaki je lah bengkak macam gajah kui3. Anything for the sake of knowledge.

OK macam dah panjang pulak. I'll continue with what I learned from MMM in my next post inshAllah.

Have a great weekend everybody :)