Friday, May 13, 2016

Adapting our wallet

H and I got back for good last October. We lived a nomadic life until early March this year because I hadn't started working until mid March. So it was either Puchong or Ipoh or Penang (boleh kira dengan jari berapa kali balik Penang). Since most of the time we stayed with our parents, we didn't do much grocery shopping ourselves (in other words makan freeeee). Now that we've finally settled down in Penang, I have realised one thing (or two) about our spending, be it for food, housewares, babywares etc. If I were to put a positive tone to it, I'd say we are money savvy. But some might say we are just plain kedekut. Hahaha

Everytime we go on grocery shopping, we'll make sure nothing too expensive goes into the cart. We didn't buy seafood for two weeks in a row because we thought they were just too expensive. Udang XL (yang tak besar mana) is average RM 25-30 per kilo, one time we saw sotong for RM 29.90 per kilo. Sanggup tak beli walaupun dah berminggu tak makan seafood. Now, money-savvy or kedekut?

The thing is our brains have not properly adjusted to the RMs. We used to buy groceries for much less in the UK that we couldn't help but to compare the prices here and there. For example, 2 pint (1.14 L) milk in the UK cost 75p (75 sen) and here it costs almost RM 8. Now don't convert between GBP and RM because Britons earn the same amount of pay as we do here, on average. Let say engineers get a basic  of RM3000, diorang pun dapat GBP3000. Cuma bile bab makan, memang murah amat. Weekly groceries (half full trolley) there costed us around £15. Here, dalam RM 150. *cries* That's why sometimes our brains refrain us from buying sebab rasa it's not worth it, but seriously we need to tune our brains back to the 'Boleh Land'.

Our second problem is that we run a business on discounted items. So our brains are trained to look for/buy stuff only if they are on discounts. Most of the times, when we plan on buying something, we end up not buying it after we see the price tag. We'll go like, 'Takpelah tunggu die discount dulu'. And we never bought it.....either because the item is NEVER on sale or we simply forget that we need it. For example, we were so in need of an extra sofa/chair for the living room because the one we bought from UK, let's just say, nice to see, not so nice to sit on to watch TV haha. Plus it is just a 3-seater sofa, we need to have more! For months we put off buying new one because after once or twice we went to survey on them, we gave up. Nak yang cantik, selesa, tahan lama tapi nak yg murah. How lah? Eventually, we ended up buying another 3-seater sofa yang super comfy (so in love with it) just two days before we organised a small dinner party at our place. Kalau dah terpaksa tu, semua terus OK je lol. 

Now that a baby is on the way, we need adjust and adapt to family life in Malaysia pronto! Nanti kesian baby, semua benda kena catu sebab mom and dad asyik nak tunggu sale baru nak beli benda, ihiks.