Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Our 3rd anniversary

Scratch that 'nothing fancy planned this year' on my previous post. 

We had a nice time-out on our anniversary last week. At noon on 26 April, H booked a room at Holiday Inn Penang and off we checked in right after work. Perk of living on an island :) Since H said he never drove to Batu Feringghi via Balik Pulau, it was the perfect time to do it that day. OK that'll be the first and the last time, because the road was very challenging at times and obviously it took longer to reach because of the hilly road. The good thing was, H got to feast on a RM 60 durian (now I can't remember which one he bought). That hantu durian I tell you, he can't stand the sight of durian tepi jalan, mesti nak berhenti.

We made full use of the 14 hours we had there. Soon after we checked in, H took a dip in the sea then in the pool, while I made myself busy taking photos and observing people. We then went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner (first time for both of us). All this while we went to HRC just so H could add on his HRC t-shirt collection from the places we traveled (no he's not getting one from Penang, or even KL lol). Surprisingly, it was H who suggested we had dinner there, and boy was it a good choice. We loved the food and the waiter was so helpful in suggesting the menus. 

After dinner, H had a foot massage. It was 11.30 pm when he finished and I was supposed to have my manicure but too bad shops were closing and no one wanted to take last minute customer :( So I can say, this year's anniversary, H got treated the most :D 

But it was ever so easy to please me. Staying in a hotel for one night is already a treat for me. I have always loved hotels since I was a kid, following my dad around when he had outstation meetings. He once told me his staff was so nervous about booking his hotel room because they knew I could make a fuss if I didn't like it. 

H feasted on durians, I feasted on the breakfast buffet spread. Fair and square :) Then it was time to check out since I got doctor's appointment that morning and then off to work. 

Short and perfect anniversary celebration, it was. 

I recommend the HRC tangy chicken wings and Strawberry Basil mocktail. They are so good!