Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pinjam baju

I'm in the pregnancy phase where nothing seems to fit and the best option is to wear my husband's t-shirt at home. I wish he has more working/casual shirts so that I could wear them to work, but since he's working at home, that's not a privilege I get to enjoy.

Last weekend, I was at my mom's and out of nowhere she asked me to go to a relative's kenduri (she normally would tell us, the kids, about kenduri kendara waaayy before time). I didn't bring fancy baju kurung/jubah from Penang so guess what? I wore my mom's jubah (size L/XL) and boy, was it so comfortable haha. I can't even fit into any of my baju kurung now and my jubahs might be a little tight that my 'popped-up' belly button is gonna show. So L/XL jubah? No problem! Us siblings bought the jubah from Calaqisya for raya last year and I was so glad we did.

So ladies, the take home note is, always buy your mom nice clothes because who knows one day you gonna need to borrow them :P