Wednesday, April 20, 2016

At 31 weeks..

You kick/wrestle (or party..hmm) like a champion in my womb. This is not just one kick with one leg, but there are times when you poke my belly with all your limbs, AT ONCE. Whoa that moment, it feels like gempa bumi in there.

You listen to me very well. After I found out that you are super active than the previous weeks, I was a bit nervous to drive to work because you know, with the earthquake and its after shocks that you give me, sometimes I get a little startled. So the other day before I started driving, I told you to keep calm while I was driving, and you did! Soon after I reached the office, the gempa started -__- but all was fine. 

I'm gonna miss these gempa bumis once you pop out, for sure.