Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Baby names

These past 2-3 years, I have seen friends who opted for single names for their babies.

Maya, Jannah, Arsyad, Jamal to name a few.

It looks like single name is trending nowadays. It goes way back to ancient histories where most people were mononymous. Even most of our parents, I believe, are mononymous. Probably gone are the days of people naming their kids with three names, or even four (plus four of the dad's. tabik spring dekat these people. penat weh nak tulis kt borang hehe). Actually it is really convenient. Simple and meaningful. Even if you have four names, you are likely called just by one. But even if you have just one, people would still cut it short anyway haha. Hafiza jadi Ija, Adilah jadi Dila. So, really it's up to individual. But kudos to these friends of mine who chose to name your baby just by a single name. You guys inspired me :)

H and I are still undecided on our baby's name. Siap one time tu we both decided to 'one two jus' everyday for 30 days to agree on one name. But then after the third day dah terlupa nak jus -__- so we are back to square one. I guess once the baby pops out, once you see his/her face, you'll just know the perfect name to give.

Is that what happened to you guys?


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