Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A new chapter of life is about to begin.

Collecting dust is what this blog does best -___-'

Anyhoo, that's gonna change! (very loud scream)

It will be filled with amazing mommy-to-be stories from now on, and of course some other stories as well.

Yes, I am pregnant! Or we (me and H) are pregnant! I read on What To Expect app that you should always say 'we are pregnant' because both of you are implicated in this huge life event, even though you are the one carrying the baby. What to do kan, men don't have uterus. But that doesn't mean you should exclude them from the equation.

So reminiscing the time when we first found out that we are pregnant...

Back in October, while were still in the UK, we planned to go on a short vacation to Brighton-Portsmouth-London before we went back to Malaysia for good. So off we went to Brighton for 2 nights, then headed for a day trip to Portsmouth factory outlet (too lazy to Google the name now). At the time, I already missed a day of my period. Yeah, people said to check after 7 days of missed period yada yada yada, but I know my body, my period is always regular and somehow I got the feeling that I am pregnant (mother's instinct at its best). Plus, since this would be my third pregnancy after two previous history of miscarriage, we decided to not take chances. If we found out we were pregnant, we were going straight back home to Nottingham.

To make it more dramatic, on that day, my UK bank card could not be used. Then I figured it was 14 October, the bank sent me a letter saying that they would close my account on this date. Silly me I didn't remember at all! I would've transferred all the money into H's account if I did (that's another long story of how I finally got access to my money. Waited 4 months for it). So then I tried my Malaysian cards, no luck. We didn't try H's UK card because there was not enough money in it. In the end, we had to buy the pregnancy test kit using H's Malaysian credit card. Tried 4 cards just to buy a pregnancy test kit lol.

And so the verdict came out..

OK not sure how to turn that image now..

Right after we found out, brought ourselves straight to the parking and drove home (about 4-5 hours of driving).

It was then time for us to board the 12-hour flight home on 20 October. We were a bit nervous because the pregnancy was still at a very early stage (read: very fragile) and flying home can be a bit strenuous. I lost my second pregnancy one week after flying home in June 2016. So yeah, you could understand the worry.

This time around we took all the precautions - no heavy lifting, no long walking etc. I was resting for the whole of duration my first trimester. We were in the middle of moving into our rented house sometime in November. H did not let me lift a single box. Basically I just sat and saw things happened haha. But the most important thing of all, we leave everything to the Almighty. Whenever I felt worried, I kept chanting 'Yakin yakin yakin', that I always have to believe in Allah for all His decisions are for nothing but the best.

Alhamdulillah for this rezeki. We are now 6 months pregnant with a baby...surprise!