Thursday, January 17, 2013

The cold ones.

Weather is not looking good this week. I have experienced lower temperatures in the States, but I had a very good heating system in my house, and the utility bill was included in rent, so we put it on 24/7. I didn't even know if there was an off button :P So yeah, it was always warm and fuzzy at home.

Here in the UK, the house central heating is basically rubbish. Only boilers in the dining area, living room and one of the attic rooms are working. In the other 3 rooms, the boilers are mere decoration. During cold weather, my room is the coldest of all spaces in the house. The previous owner even nicknamed it 'bilik mayat'.

I always put on sweater and socks at home. It was hard to get used to wearing socks all the time, but now it has become second nature. 

And for added warmth, this is what I do.

Snuggle myself down in my snowman blanket with a radiator!
Let's just hope it won't burn the blanket or me :P