Thursday, August 9, 2012

In a week or so

Planning for something big from far away can be quite stressful. Indeed it is VERY stressful! Especially when you have no control whatsoever over it, and all you could do is to depend on your best friends to make decisions for you and hoping that internet connection won't go cranky on both ends because Whatsapp and Skype now become your new BFFs. And of course, pray that Allah makes it easy for everyone involved and for all things to run smoothly.

But all the stress aside, it's actually still fun. Everything is done through e-mails or Facebook messages and replies go through while waiting for the bus, or while waiting for the doctor's appointment (like right now). And to see everything gets 'confirmed' one by one, sure bring smile to this face :)

A few things still need to be attend to. Well a lot actually. I can't wait to go home to finish what my family and friends started and wait for the day where I just have to sit and be pretty (luls).

Oh and after that, it will all start again :) Looking forward to meeting all the people I spoke to via e-mails :)