Sunday, September 18, 2011

Au revoir.


Honestly, I meant to write something proper before I leave. A post about how I spent my final week before boarding that very airplane to Nottingham, and another post about how awesome my year has been. However I don't think I have the time to sit and write. Preparation has been overwhelming. Plus, I've been busy with a cousin's wedding in Ipoh this weekend. I wanted to take later flight, but since I found a friend who is traveling on the 19th, I just had to change my reservation for convenience purposes.  

InsyAllah if I have the time I'll pay my writing debt. Even after I've safely landed in Nottingham. But for now, I'd like want to thank everyone that has made my year so wonderful, I feel so blessed. I came back from the States in June last year, and now I'm leaving again. I must say I achieved/did a lot of things in this one short period of time that when one day if I reflect upon my life, I will surely remember this year vividly.

Also I would like to say sorry for all my wrongdoings, tersalah kata, tersilap laku, terlebih terkurang, dan halalkan makan minum. 

Dear friends, please pray for a smooth-sailing journey for me, like my ex-boss said, 'Doing PhD is like entering a lonely planet. You'll surely feel so lonely and vulnerable, because it's a long and winding road'. I pray that each one of you reading this will have a successful life, no matter what you guys are doing. 'Let us lean on each other when the hopes are fading' (quoting an inspirational blogger I once wrote to).

Terima kasih daun keladi.
Ada masa kita jumpa lagi.


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Dila, jaga diri di tempat orang tau. Alang-alang tu ambik yang mata biru k. Rambut harus blond . Muahhh.